Classroom Valentines from Minted that will get you an A+

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Kicking off our Valentine’s Day fun on the blog with our favorite Classroom cards from Minted! Year after year we turn to Minted for all of our card needs and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Classroom Valentine’s get harder as they get older but we have so much fun with them. Plus, Minted always has new designs that get us excited! This year we have picks for both boys and girls to inspire you, check, them out below!

Photos by Alison Bernier – her and my kiddos were our little Valentine card guinea pigs!!


I thought for sure my little gamer Cruzy would go for this cute video game card but when he took a look he immediately fell in love with the “Dinomite” card by Itsy Belle Studio. I had no idea he even liked Dinosaurs! Haha! But I couldn’t help to agree that the card was very cute and the gold foil was very fun! As a gift to friends we found these dinosaur candy necklaces that I know will be a hit, the pastel colors went perfectly with his card too!


Minted has so many adorable options for valentine cards for kids this year. Jacquelyn and I were making bets on the side as to what our kids would choose!
I knew instantly that my almost 12 year old Livi would pick the “Friendship Era” bracelet card by Pixel and Hank. It’s right on the mark for all the tween swifties who want to give their friends a little love message! She is handcrafting friendship bracelets for each of her classmates which is so thoughtful and fun all at once!


Time for my little sports star’s card! The past few years we have done soccer and basketball so this year its baseballs turn!!! I loved this adorable “Little League” card by Jessica Yeo. The friendship sentiment written on it is very sweet and age appropriate. Although Court thought it was a little young for him we came to an agreement ;)
For his treat to pass out we settled on Big League Chew. I probably won’t be a big fan of the teachers but it goes so well with the card and it’s Court’s favorite! They come in pouches or bite sized so you can choose!


Penny also not surprisingly went with the “Groovy Skates“ card by Karidy Walker. Ever since she got a pair of roller skates for her birthday she’s been rolling around wherever she goes and I just love that the design feels like a 70’s style illustration.
The key chains that I found to go with it are going to be a hit with her fellow roller skating friends.

Shop our favorite cards and their fun little treats below!



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