Making Summer Fun for the Kids with Sur La Table Cooking Classes

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My kids were recently lucky enough to have the best experience at Sur La Table! They were asked to try out one of their cooking classes so we invited a few of their friends to join in. These kids had the most magical time! The ages ranged from 7 to 12 and inexperienced to a baking pro. They practiced chopping veggies, learned how to make pasta and sauce from scratch, and baked a bit as well. Their concentration was absolutely adorable and their proud smiles at the end were the best! Sur La Table offers cooking camps through-out the Summer and we couldn’t recommend them enough! Take a look at these amazing photos from Alison Bernier to see it all!

Ingredients and every tool they needed were set out ready for them to go!

After washing their hands of course, these kiddos were ready and all smiles!

First project was making fresh pasta and dough for our cookies! They started with cracking eggs, something some of them hadn’t done yet! They were so proud when they did well.

They took turns doing each step and the instructors and chefs were so great about making sure they each tried.

Our groups were separated by the older kids and the little ones. The littles were especially adorable with their efforts! Our older group had my son Court and his friends Livi (Alison’s daughter), along with sisters Eleanor and Jojo. While the younger group had my son Cruz, his buddy Julian, Penny (Alison’s other daughter), and our sweet friend Coco.

Once their dough was formed we wrapped it up and refrigerated it for later!

Second step was making their pasta sauce! Two different sauces were made, a tomato sauce and an Alfredo sauce. They sautéed onions and tomatoes, added spices, and more. Everyone had so much fun!

Obviously a great deal of teamwork was necessary!

Next it was time to roll out our pasta!!!

A few of us got silly with the flour…

They took turns using a real pasta machine. Each kid loved this process and especially loved seeing how long the pasta was!!

Who knew making noodles was so fun?!

Proud pasta makers!!

Finally it was time to add our pasta to the sauces!

Lastly, they made the sweetest thumb print cookies with jam and Nutella.

Now it was time to taste everything they created! Even us moms got to taste it all and I must say it was delicious!! Plus some kids tried things they have never tried at home just because they made it! It was incredible!

Each of the kids got a certificate and were very proud of the meal they made.

So much fun!!! Thanks for having us Sur La Table!

I had to share a few of this series of Black & White photos that Alison made for us. I love how they look in this edit so I thought it was worth the share!

You can find Sur La Table’s summer classes here!

Happy Cooking!



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