Nestle In The Floral Fields With This Lavender Lillet

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sipping on spring.

Have you ever sat back and taken a sip of a cocktail and realized that this is what spring should taste like? Today’s cocktail is just that. It’s a floral explosion of flavors, and it’s how spring would taste to me. Full of floral lavender notes, fresh citrus, and that kiss of bubbly we all love so much. With only a couple of ingredients, this lavender beauty is easy to whip up for this Sunday’s Easter activities. Bookmark this for a future spring brunch and girly gathering; it’s a lovely feminine cocktail that every lady in your life will love.
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The original apéritif, Lillet Blanc is an iconic fixture in top cocktail bars around the world. Sip it chilled with frozen orange slices, make a refreshingly simple Lillet Spritz or add its delicate aromatics and touch of sweetness to class. A sip reveals subtle hints of honey, orange, lime, and mint. It’s Spring and Summer in a bottle.


lavender simple syrup- You can easily make this at home. I like to do it cause you know excatly what is in it, and you can control the amount of sugar in it.

lillet- This apéritif blanc is a spring and summer in a glass. You can serve it on the rocks, or add to cocktails for a touch of sweetness. It has notes of honey, orange, lime, and mint.

bubbly- bubbles, need we say more.

lemon juice- fresh cirtus notes is key to any good Spring cocktail.


So, you are hosting Easter this Sunday and looking to get some things off your list for smooth sailing. No problem. I would wait till the night before to ensure freshness as much as possible. You can pre-measure each ingredient, make a batch, and keep it in the fridge. Or you can premix it all together except the bubbly. It’s a must to open the bubbly right before guests get there. It will go flat. And trust me, no one likes flat sparkly wine or champagne.

Lavender Lillet

Author :Abby Guido
Yields :1 cocktail
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for the lavender simple syrup:

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon dried lavender

for the cocktail:

  • 2 oz. Lillet
  • 1 oz. lemon juice
  • splash of bubbly
  • sprigs of lavender for garnish (optional)


  • Let's make the lavender simple syrup: in a medium saucepan, bring 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon dried lavender to a simmer until sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat and cool completely. You can keep this up to a couple weeks in the fridge. You can buy store bought too!
  • In a coupe, add Lillet, 1.5 ounces simple syrup and lemon juice. Top with a splash of bubbly and garnish with fresh lavender sprigs and edible flowers.
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