3 Ways To Put A Little Love In Your Home For Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start to bring all the pinks and hearts into your home. Of course, this means the holiday decorations have been put away, right? Ok, kind of a funny story, but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Give me all the hearts, mushy movies, and pink inspired food + cocktails. I bet you probably think I’m one mush pot of emotions and a sappy, sensitive, and a warm-hearted soul, right? Nope, I just like all the pink in the house. Ha! (wink, wink)

When it comes to decorating for any holiday especially an all pink themed holiday like Valentine’s day, I like to have it flow with the rest of my house. And, it is effortless to do! I took three interior pieces that you all may have in your home and geared them towards Valentine’s Day. See three ways how you can add a little love to your home just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Photos by Jessica Erickson

Ok, let’s start with my favorite! You might remember our spotlight on Gather & Mill located in Grass Valley, Ca. You could see it here if you missed it. One of the things I was so in love with was black and white weaving that Cassidy Fisher from The Northern Craft made. I needed one ASAP in my house. I had the perfect spot for one of her pieces too in my entryway. This is where you can use tones of blush, pinks, and creams and still have it flow with the rest of your house. As you can see it fits right at home! Doesn’t it just scream, “I’m the perfect Valentines Day piece!”. That’s what mine says at least! So to recap, incorporate the colors of Valentine’s Day into wall decor, whatever that be weavings, art prints, or even your children’s art drawings. 

The second way to bring the love into the home is to add some heart (the symbol that is). This can be thru art prints you style on your bookshelf, or even replacing some photographs you have on your wall already. Another idea is to frame an adorable card that you love and set that on top of some stacked books. Little touches around the house make a more significant impact then you think. For me, I added a heart plate from The Little Market into my cutting board display on top of my kitchen counters. See how a little touch can make the difference? Add some flowers next to it, and you have yourself one sweet little kitchen counter situation. 

Lastly, let’s talk kitchen towels. This is probably the most common way to incorporate holiday decoration into your home. My mother and grandmother always gave us holiday towels ever since I moved out in college. This still sits with me as part of my decoration routine. Change out the kitchen towels. You can get crazy and change out your bathroom towels. But one step at a time.

The Little Market has the best collection of hand and bath towels. I fell in love with their towels and they have made their way into my kitchen and even my bathrooms. And yes, as decorative towels! If you aren’t on team decorative towel, there are plenty of towels that you can touch and use for its sole purpose that are super cute as well! See some in my shopping guide below.

Shop all my favorite ways to add a little love to your house for Valentine’s Day. 







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