I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was young, because (excuse me while I toot my own horn…) I’m good at it.  When I was in school I was introduced to calligraphy in an art class and I really enjoyed it.  My mom bought me a calligraphy set and I would practice.  Unfortunately other hobbies came into play and I didn’t hang on to the art.  Last month I was invited by my lovely photog friend Megan Welker to take a beginners calligraphy class and I jumped at the chance!  We took Poppyjack’s class, which I would highly recommend.  She was great, very thourough and patient.  Megan and I had a great time at our first class and I do have to say it won’t be our last!


In life it’s beautiful to look at, and in our event industry it’s a valuable trade.


I was surprised at how challenging it was.  I forgot this style of writing is ancient and requires a lot of patience and practice.  Don’t just expect to go in and have the hang of it!


Photo’s by Megan Welker and you can find Poppyjack’s info here.

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