Spotlight: Lovechild
Lovechild is a modern, true to kid, pop-up studio that encourages children to be themselves in any shape or form they may come in. In turn, giving you photos that capture those true moments of your child.
We had the pleasure of spending some time with Annie + Raya, the ladies behind Lovechild, a few months ago when we teamed up with them and Pottery Barn Kids for our Spooky Love Date (check it out here).
When we heard they were having pop-up sessions in San Francisco, it was a no brainer to get another chance to work with them, just in the nick of time for holiday cards.
Here are a few of our fave shots that they captured of Abby’s littles, Dylan and Jett:
Mama Truth: Not every child is ready for their close up, especially a tired 2 year old named Jett Jagger.
LC-SF1-dylanjett-014 LC-SF1-dylanjett-013 LC-SF1-dylanjett-012 LC-SF1-dylanjett-011
This is why we love these girls… every shot is priceless.
 Jett’s sister Dylan on the other hand was a ham!  Pretty sure Dylan wanted to spend the whole day with Annie + Raya.
LC-SF1-dylanjett-016 LC-SF1-dylanjett-024 LC-SF1-dylanjett-026
LC-SF1-dylanjett-019 LC-SF1-dylanjett-021
Wardrobe change?!? YES! Love how they encourage you to bring multiple outfits for your little ones
LC-SF1-dylanjett-004 LC-SF1-dylanjett-008 LC-SF1-dylanjett-007 LC-SF1-dylanjett-006 LC-SF1-dylanjett-003
We could not speak more highly of these two sweet ladies! Thank you Annie + Raya for capturing moments for us that we will cherish forever.
Be sure to sign up for Lovechild’s newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming popups here. Pre-register your city ASAP! They will travel to the next city that has the most pre-registers!!

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