Summer Cocktails: Floral Boozy Pops

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We are coming at ya today with another summer cocktail! Clink! Clink! The heat this week is in full force here in Northern California, and I’m in need of something to cool me down. Now for my kids, that is the one the only… the popsicle! Its refreshing, fun to eat, and cools you down in a jiffy. I was at the market the other day stocking up on popsicles for my little ones. We are┬ápersonally fans of the good old favorite, the Otter Pop. My personal favorite is the Poncho Punch. I could eat those sugary water treats all day long. Sorry going on! Lets get to the booze already, Abby! So staring at these popsicles, I thought you know if I add booze, you have yourself a fun and yummy way to cool down. Thats a Friday treat if you ask me!

So lets get right to it, and start cooling down with these pretty ladies.

Just be careful to keep these out of reach of your little ones hands! I put mine in our outside fridge.

Photos by Meg Perotti



Alcohol of your choice

Juice of your choice

Dixie Cups

Wooden Sticks

Aluminum Foil

Edible Flowers


Now there are endless ways to make these. Pick your favorite booze and juice combination.



Step 1

Fill dixie cup with edible flowers

(why use edible flowers, well cause it makes everything more pretty. Make sure they are edible)

Step 2

Fill a separate dixie cup with juice and alcohol. I like to use the ratio of 1:2, 1 part alcohol and 2 parts juice. Stir to combine. Pour mixture into dixie cup with edible flowers.

Step 3

Cover with aluminum foil and insert wooden stick. Place in freezer for a couple hours.


(I like to use wooden spoons, it will allow the frozen treat to hold onto longer then a thin stir stick)


Step 4

Take out and remove foil, and ENJOY!

These pops would be a great touch for a bridal shower, baby shower, and even a dinner party. Match your edible flowers with your theme of your event, and you will be the hit of the party.



Happy Friday!



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