Visiting Tony’s Fruit Stand in Marysville, Ca.

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When we moved to the Sacramento area, I started a list of places that I wanted to visit that would be exciting for the kids and even a couple of locations for just mom and dad. Sacramento is the farm to fork capital, and I’m sure you can imagine my list is hugely long by now. I’m a huge foodie, so this pretty much makes me a kid in a candy store. Farm-to-Fork isn’t a fad or a marketing slogan in the Sacramento region – it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle is something that I have been doing for some time now, pretty much since I had my son, five years ago. In the Sacramento region, there is an abundance of farmers markets, farm to fork restaurants, fruit stands, local craft breweries, and of course wineries. Not to mention all the festivals that happen year round here. Pretty much heaven for me! 

Photos by Aria Photography

1st on my list was to take the kids to Tony’s Fruit Stand in Marysville, Ca. This produce stand is not your typical side of the road fruit stand. Tony’s Fruit Stand grows a wide variety of California peaches, pluots, persimmons, pomegranates, lemons, mandarins and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Since 1993, Tony’s Fruit Stand has been a local landmark for the community and travelers alike. They offer the finest seasonal fruits, veggies, nuts, honey and much more.

Driving up to Tony’s, it is surrounded by beautiful peach orchards. With its, peach colored umbrellas, its modern vibe, and bounty of locally grown products, this gourmet fruit stand set itself high above their competitors. 

I had to restrain myself from getting everything there. The jams, honey, dried fruits, homemade pies, lemonade mixers, fresh eggs, the list just goes on. Once you buy your produce from a local stand like Tony’s, there is no going back to grocery store produce. 

We got a chance to go into their peach orchards and pick some of the peaches. Having a peach right off the tree doesn’t get any better. The true taste of summer! I can’t wait to head back in Fall to get my hands of more of their yummy produce. 

And, if you aren’t local to the Sacramento area, they offer some of their yummy products online! I highly recommend the honey! See it all here.

See it all here.

So come along on this adventure with me as I discover this yummy farm to fork region, I can now call home. Stay tuned on Friday as I used those delicious peaches for a mouth watering grilled peach salad. A perfect side kick for end of summer bbqs. 






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