Viva la Vivi – 1st Birthday Party

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We’re so thrilled to share this gorgeous 1st birthday party we were so lucky to be a part of!!  When Sara Brenner, the owner of Lulu & Georgia, asked us to help style and design her daughter Vivian’s birthday party we were over the moon excited!  We are huge fans of Lulu & Georgia and all of their gorgeous inventory, so needless to say, this was a match made in heaven!  Sara had a few brilliant ideas for what theme she wanted to do and we ended up with this beautiful Italian “Viva la Vivi” theme and we are so happy with how it turned out!  It’s also featured today on My Domaine and Style Me Pretty Living… Scroll down for all of the photos by Ala Cortez and our Q&A with My Domaine!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1008How would you describe the theme of the event?  Which colors/patterns did you choose to convey the theme?

Sara had a gorgeous vision for her Vivian Mae’s 1st birthday party of the Italian countryside/riviera that we absolutely loved and just went with!  The colors we used were pretty hues of blue, white and yellow from images of the ocean and beach with the amazing yellow and white umbrellas strewn along the sand.  We used greenery that reminded us of walking through a Tuscan villa with some blush blooms, just to add that girly touch for a lovely lady’s first birthday!  We really loved that it wasn’t your typical 1st birthday party, much more chic!  What tied it all together was the prettiest blue and white floral print that we used throughout the party on the invite and with pretty placemats at each guest’s place setting.

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1077 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1002 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1013alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1017Planning a party that both adults and children will love is a challenge. What elements should readers consider to make sure it appeals to both age groups?

As a mother myself I totally understand this problem…  You want to make sure the kids have a fun time but also make sure the adults are taken care of and comfortable themselves!  It’s not easy bringing a toddler to a party, it can actually be pretty stressful!  Luckily Sara herself is extremely thoughtful and thought of every detail for her guests, down to making sure the bathrooms had every essential a parent would need to for a quick diaper change!  To please both the little and big guests we ensured there was plenty of shade with pretty umbrellas (the party was held in August, so it was hot!), lots of lounge space to relax comfortably and rugs so our littlest guests could move about easily!  There was also entertainment with the Beat Buds that both the babes and their parents could enjoy, along with fun music playing throughout the event.  Another important aspect to us is the food and drinks, Room Forty put together a perfect menu that was both kid and adult friendly and of course, cocktails are necessary for us adults at these parties!

There’s the cute little birthday girl herself!!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1128 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1126 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1193 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1198 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1156
And here’s some of that yummy food we were talking about from Room Forty!alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1122alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1169alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1168alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1167Can you tell me a bit about the flowers and greenery used, and how they contributed to the overall theme?

With the Italian countryside inspiration I really wanted to have as much pretty greenery as possible, but to tie in Vivian being a pretty little girl we had to have some florals so we went with blushes and whites!  Flowers are so important to events, I always find that once I have the florals in place it just all comes together and looks gorgeous no matter what.  We had pretty greenery and blooms around all of the main wooden signs to dress them up and each centerpiece was full of pretty florals that complimented the party.  Florals can be a pricey part of a party, but like I said they definitely are a wow factor that ties the entire party together!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1014alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1026alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1120alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1084alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1054What are some simple ways readers can personalize party decor?

I find that with any party it’s all about the little details and that is what can really impress your guests…  For Vivian’s party we used the pretty paper placemats that aren’t expensive and make an impact.  Another way we love to add a nice touch is by personalizing things…  This can be with cocktail napkins, cocktail stirrers, cake toppers or even signage!  We usually turn to The Rock Shop for her amazing designs, but you could easily find companies online that will make these for you through easy or just by googling it!  And every 1st birthday party needs touches like a “1st birthday stats sign” with all the details about the guest of honor and photos of that little person through-out their first year.

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1030alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1117alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1082alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1178alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1152How would you describe the table setting?  What are the key elements readers should consider to replicate this look?

The table setting was classic with pretty touches.  We used simple china, flatware and glasses that any of your readers most likely have at home but added pretty details like yellow napkins tied in a knot, that can easily be replicated.  The paper placemats were designed by Sara’s graphic designer, if you have a friend that is handy with something like that you could always ask them or hire someone and print at your local Kinkos.  And of course adding amazing florals doesn’t hurt either!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1019alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1004alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1034alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1020Tell me a bit about the food and sweets served!  Were they all child and adult-friendly, or did you cater with each age group in mind?

Sara definitely wanted each guest to be happy with the menu selection, she thought of both the adults and kiddos while also keeping our Italian theme in mind too…  With any child’s party you have to have something they will love to eat, so buttered noodles and pizza were a must!  Haha!  Luckily pizza is an overall party pleaser so it was definiltey the way to go.  Add a couple light salads for the adults as well and you have the perfect Summer party set up.  For desserts we continued keeping the Italian theme in mind and included an assortment of Italian biscotti, cookies, and cannolis – and no birthday would be complete without a cake!  For Vivian we had a simple two tiered white cake, added some gorgeous blooms and of course a personalized cake topper!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1206alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1045alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1051alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1043alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1049alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1058How important was it to create social seating areas throughout the party?  What are the key accents readers should introduce to do this?

This party had the ultimate lounge selection for guests to enjoy, thanks to our amazing Lulu & Georgia connection ;)  I personally think that a lounge area is really key to a kid’s party, parents need a place to relax and play with their children that is comfortable and easily accessible.  Soft pillows and cushions are important to have for little ones to be able to sit and play, but you also want to steer clear of sharp edges if possible so they don’t bump their heads.  Rugs are also a key aspect, at this age kids are all over the place crawling and walking with the occasional spill so you want something soft for them to land on!  Plus it’s easier for parents to get down on the floor to play as well.  Having these areas makes the party flow easily and lets your guests mingle while also having fun with their little ones!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1096alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1098alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1097alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1108alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1118alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1119It was such a pretty party and we can’t thank Sara enough for letting us be a part of it!  Here are all of the amazing vendors that made this one possible…

Styling/Design – Beijos Events
Photography – Ala Cortez
Lounge FurnitureLulu & Georgia
Venue – The Fig House via The Venue Report
Catering – Room Forty
Band – The Beat Buds
Signage – Prim & Pixie
Calligraphy – Calligraphy Nerd
Invite – Paperless Post
Florals – MV Florals
Rentals – Choura Events
Napkins – Hostess Haven
Cocktail Stirrers & Cake Topper – The Roc Shop
Ice Cream Cart – Carmela Ice Cream
Viva la Vivi Sign – The Duo Studioxx

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