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Today is the last wedding spotlight of the year and it’s on one of my favorites, Hostess Haven.  It’s easy to fall in love with owner and curator Farra Miron.  She is one of the most genuine and creative people I have ever met.  Farra and I had both of our babies within months of each other so we bonded on that immediately, but what I really love about her is how she inspires me.  She inspires me creatively and in how she lives her life with purpose.  Farra is an incredible mother, wife, friend and business owner and I feel lucky to call her my friend.

Today she is sharing all about herself and her company.  With their amazing collection of textiles, glassware, cutlery and more, Hostess Haven is always our go to for any event.  Keep reading to learn more about this company and what Farra has to say about hosting for the holidays…

 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your amazing family...

I’m in process of living and speaking my truth. I am more vulnerable and I hear (not just listen to) my children, family and friends. I have one 3 yr old boy and one almost 1 yr old girl. My husband is co-owner at MIHO Catering Co. We do our best to honor all of our paths and create memorable experiences along the way. I know these years are gonna race by. My mom always told me they were the best years of her life and now I understand why. We’re pretty content at our home in San Diego. We make most of our meals at home and I sneak out after the kids are in bed for wine night with friends.

How and when did Hostess Haven begin?

 HH was inspired from Thanksgiving prep/ planning in 2012. It’s my favorite holiday and we have always hosted family + friends. That year we were almost 20 and I wanted to curate every piece of the setting instead of using what we had ;) Collecting and curating for entertaining has always been a passion from entertaining with my mom as a little girl.

I wanted Hostess Haven to be a gathering place for tabletop inspiration. The rental portion has always gone hand in hand in creating these real life moments of inspirations around gathering and celebration. I kept those original plates, glasses and cutlery and took on a wedding a few months later. It only takes one wedding to get another excuse for another collection.

Was curating and collecting your pieces difficult?  Or do you have fun with it?
This was and is the best part. There will always be classics and trends coming and leaving. Finding the balance between the two and making it our own is a really fun process.

Have you always had an eye for styling?

 I promise when I say that every meal at my home is served with purpose, it’s the truth. This is one thing I have absolutely been intentional with my whole life. Whether it’s a lunch, dinner, quick bite, I source pieces for my own kitchen that I absolutely love and make me happy just to use or look at them. 90% of our meals are used with a linen napkin and our kids use everything we use. To answer the question, I’ve always had an eye for making my meals or serving meals in a way that makes me happy and taking care with the details. 

Where do you find inspiration?

In fabric. I just realized I’m a fabric hoarder. I was in denial. A fabric pattern or texture will decide a whole tabletop for me. Full on vacations, though, too. Like when I’m really able to disconnect in a country. I used to use Instagram, a lot, for inspiration, and never wanted to leave social media because I was convinced I wouldn’t find anything at my fingertips like that. I left social media (@hostesshaven is directed by me and the account is ran by one of our team members) and ironically, I feel more inspired.

What are your tips for Holiday Entertaining?

Holiday entertaining….  Keep it simple. I have never liked this phrase because I like all the finishing details and I felt like this didn’t leave room for them. I’ve realized you can still keep it simple without losing the details. I’ve been styling and setting tabletops recently and then taking away when I’m done. It’s been an Interesting process because it actually shows off the details more. So style and set your tabletops and then ask yourself what you could take away! Trend wise, pussybows make me think of holidays and fancy attire and I love seeing them on a setting! Tie up your napkin and make it fancy or minimal. They both work!  

How is life as a business owner and mom? 

It’s lovely that I’m able to pop in and out from my day to make masa or share a bowl of soup with my peques. I don’t want to work full time away from my kids, right now. I’ve structured HH to support this flexibility and it’s working well for me! 
What’s next for Hostess Haven? 

We’re moving to retail soon and will have some of our exclusive items (like our bronze alloy cutlery) for sale. 

Thank you for sharing Farra!  I can’t wait to shop this retail side soon and to see what beauty you create in 2018!!



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