A Beautiful and Unique Wreath to add to your Front Door for Christmas

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Since the spring we’ve been collaborating with our dear friend Krista of Not Just in Novels on adding some love to my front door for each season or holiday. We’ve done DIY after DIY and each one has been beautiful! Christmas is a favorite time for wreaths, and a favorite time to add cheer to your front door. This year I wanted to do something different than a wreath and got inspired by a few pretty greenery hanging pieces. We added some gorgeous ribbon and modern bells and voila, my beautiful statement wreath was born! Krista makes it all so easy with her step-by-step guide which you can see below! I also included a few shopping items that make the front porch area really shine.

A big thanks to Alison Bernier for snapping all of these lovely photos.

You can see this fun holiday DIY up on 100LayerCake today as well!


Winter greenery
Dried berries
Statice flower
Small wooden hoop
Paddle wire
Silk ribbon
Fishing line

Step One

Bundle greenery, dried berries, and statice together and wire at top of bundle to hold in place.

Step Two

Keep wire long at end and attach to wooden hoop.

Step Three

Tie bells to wooden hoop using fishing line.

Step Four

Wrap ribbon around top of bundle to conceal wire and hoop and tie a bow.

And there you have it! Just four easy steps to this cuteness!! For the rest of my porch I got the cutest Oh What Fun door mat from Crate & Barrel and amazing planters from Hart Concrete Design and Target. I planted some poinsettias, cedar, rosemary, and a mini fir tree to add some more color and make it extra festive! Lastly, the letters to Santa Mailbox was a $5 find at Target, but they also have this one that is much cuter!

Don’t you love this unique take on a wreath? I also love how the bells add a modern touch!

Love this talented friend of mine!!

I hope this inspires you to create one for your own front door, or inside your home! Shop all of the supplies you need below!




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