A Christmas Table – Copper and Cotton

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We love the holidays, and Christmas is really our numero uno!  I mean, just the thought of Christmas makes us all giddy!  So naturally creating a gorgeous Christmas table and party was a high priority for us this season, and with the help of a few of our friends we made it happen!!

This year we were inspired by a gorgeous cotton wreath we saw on our trip to Ojai earlier this Fall, it got us thinking about Christmas and how cotton is such a pretty natural element that really doesn’t get used enough!  Then we thought, why not combine something so natural with our favorite metallic, copper, and voila!  This lovely table was born!!

We really are in love with how it turned out, and the mixture of the simple whites with the greenery and metallics really sets the tone for a cozy table that’s just asking for the Christmas spotlight!!  Get ready for some photo overload… There were so many different elements to this shoot and so many great photos that we couldn’t help ourselves!

You can see more of this shoot on Green Wedding Shoes later today!!

All photos by our friend Megan Welker

meganwelker-copperchristmas-65meganwelker-copperchristmas-54Now every pretty party needs a pretty invite, right?!  And we loved what Prim & Pixie did for us!!  The hand painted invite on wood is so lovely along with the hand lettered envelope in copper, it is just seriously so so perfect!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-3meganwelker-copperchristmas-4Now, on to the table!!!  We loved mixing the creamy whites with the bright copper and gold metallics… We were able to get a really great mix of rustic and modern, and although the main color was white which can usually look cold, the metallics made it warm and inviting!  Adore Folklore had the most amazing selection of rentals to choose from… There is even more of their goodness to come!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-12 meganwelker-copperchristmas-14Copper spray painted leaves at each place setting equals per magic!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-16meganwelker-copperchristmas-21Playing with Hostess Haven’s beautiful glassware and tabletop is like our own personal Christmas!!  We are so in love with her inventory, I mean that flatware gives us all the heart eyes!!IMG_4922meganwelker-copperchristmas-33How adorable are the copper bells with names for each place setting?!  Prim and Pixie does it again!!  And the florals by MV Florals were so divine!!  We loved the selection of white flowers she used mixed with the cotton…  She definitely brought our vision to life!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-45 This over head shot is EVERYTHING!!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-64And now, for the guests!!!  Every pretty table deserves some pretty ladies around it! Cheers!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-74Imagemeganwelker-copperchristmas-92meganwelker-copperchristmas-124Another over head shot, just because it’s so darn good…

meganwelker-copperchristmas-87Not only does every party deserve some pretty guests, but it also deserves some sweet treats!!  Enter Sweet & Saucy Shop, the masters of it all!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-181meganwelker-copperchristmas-176meganwelker-copperchristmas-178We were IN LOVE with this copper metallic cake!!  I mean all of the details on the desserts were unbelievable!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-211Check out the detail on these cupcakes, we can’t even!!!Image-1Hand painted macarons are always a hit!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-205meganwelker-copperchristmas-188And to top it all off, each guest got their own personal mason jar desserts… These were the yummy vanilla vanilla!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-191Image-2meganwelker-copperchristmas-129And it doesn’t stop there… these lovely ladies enjoyed their desserts and cocktails in our lounge area by Adore Folklore!!!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-166meganwelker-copperchristmas-150Image-3meganwelker-copperchristmas-147And last but not least, the mantle!  Christmas is all about dressing that little lady up and we had to play that game!  MV Florals used lots of fresh greens, copper, whites and brown bottle vases for ours, and we loved it!

meganwelker-copperchristmas-216meganwelker-copperchristmas-217meganwelker-copperchristmas-239Hope you enjoyed our little soiree as much as we did!!

Happy Christmas!!



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