An Easy & Simple DIY Backyard Herb Garden

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One of the many home projects I conquered during Covid was an herb garden for my backyard! Last year I had the goal of having my own herbs so I didn’t have to get them at the store. My dutiful husband made it for me last Spring, and it was very easy! But the thing is, I didn’t plant it till this year, haha! And when I say “I didn’t plant it” I mean my mom did it for me… Yes, yes, I know – how lazy can she get, right?! Well, friends, this mama and business owner has her hands full, so I’ll take all the help I can get!!!

My mom actually planted this cute little garden with my boys! Which made it even more special. We all made a trip to Armstrong Nursery to choose our herbs and then got our hands dirty!! Then we used the adorable herb garden planter sticks from Poppy Jack Shop to complete it! Keep scrolling to see it in its full glory and the easy steps to make one of your own!

This is the perfect project to do for Earth Day coming up this week as well!!

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo

So, the DIY element is very simple! My husband purchased this tub from Home Depot and got redwood 2×4’s. He then cut them to our desired height to fit and hold the tub. There is also an x across the bottom to hold it up. To me it has a more simple and modern look that I love so much. Redwood was his wood of choice because it’s weather and rot-resistant and lasts longer than other woods exposed to elements. Pretty easy, and looks so cute, right?!

Aren’t Poppy Jack Shop’s herb garden stakes so cute?! Love!!

Before planting your tub you’ll want to drill a few holes at the base of the tub. This was basically the only part I did of this DIY, haha! I drilled quite a few holes so the water can drain and the roots of the plants can receive oxygen. Next we added rocks at the bottom of the tub, then soil, and lastly the herbs! Our herbs of choice were parsley, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, oregano, chives, and sage. All herbs that I use often and are pretty easy to keep alive. My parsley has especially grown very well!

I found the cutest little watering can that I use to keep the herbs going! Let’s hope I can keep these babies alive… I’m trying!! Next up I want to try doing a vegetable garden, so stay tuned! But my favorite part of this guy is you can even have it in a smaller space. My hubby built my mom one that she has on her balcony!

What do you think? Are you ready to get your green thumb on?! I’m telling you friends, this is a pretty easy one! Shop the key pieces below!



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