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We had so much fun curating Easter baskets for our littles last year that we decided to do it again, and hey we’ve begun a tradition! Find last years, because they are still so good here.  It’s so fun to search for the new cool basket and all the items that will create huge warm smiles on our kiddos faces.  This year we collaborated with the talented Eliza Gran, check her out here.  Her baskets are just so cute!!She has so many colors and even color combinations to choose from.  They are great to use for your kids room after Easter for storage, a plant in your living room or even blankets. I can’t wait for you to scroll down and see how cute her baskets are paired up as Easter baskets for the littles.  We picked our own colors to match our littles style and adorned them with name tags from Courtney, the talented gal at Poppy Jack Shop.

We are starting off with Critter Courts basket.  Jacquelyn went with a cool California Camping theme.  Here’s what inspired her this year and what she had to say about it…

For Court’s basket I was inspired by camping along the California coast, something I’m hoping to do with him this Summer and many more Summers!! I can picture him using any of these items, playing guitar with daddy around the camp fire, reading a book in our tent, or even searching for bugs around our campsite! I know he’ll love this!!

meganwelker-easterbaskets-1 meganwelker-easterbaskets-3 meganwelker-easterbaskets-4 meganwelker-easterbaskets-6


Here’s a flat lay of all the goodies and click on them for links so if you see something you like, you can have it for your little too!

Lunch box 
Nature Collector 
Back Pack 
Twig wooden toy camera 

Sticking with the dudes, lets have a look at how Abby was inspired by Jett’s Cool Dude Cali themed Easter basket… For the boy who loves the bright blue ocean and the thrill of skateboarding.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-57 meganwelker-easterbaskets-55 meganwelker-easterbaskets-58 meganwelker-easterbaskets-60 meganwelker-easterbaskets-63

Here is his flat lay so you can see all the goodies and don’t forget the links, so if you see something you want for your little guys it’s right at your finder tips!!

Boom Box Lunch Box
Baja hoodie
Ankle Bitters

Indi Surf Book
Robo Sauce Book
Pizza Dude Shirt
Slyfox Threads White Hat

On to the Girlies!!  Abby chose a Palm Springs theme for her little babe Dylan.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-32 meganwelker-easterbaskets-33

meganwelker-easterbaskets-30 meganwelker-easterbaskets-29


Here are the details and links to all of Miss Dylan’s Easter goodies


Little Butterfly Book

Neon Coloring Book
Catcus Clips


SandalsTie Knot headbands- Jumpyjackjack from etsy

Gunn Swain Yellow Blanket


For my SASSY little Edie girl I went with a Mermaid Under the Sea theme.  She just loves mermaids, especially the Disney Princess.  Since mommy likes to get her things more on the unique side, see how I can still get her what she wants and make us both happy.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-15 meganwelker-easterbaskets-17 meganwelker-easterbaskets-19 meganwelker-easterbaskets-22 meganwelker-easterbaskets-26

Here are all the goodies and links


Starfish Earrings

Bathing Suit



Color Book


Bunny Ear Headband

And last but definitely not least is my baby boo Isla. I had a lot of fun putting her baby Easter basket together.  It was a little tough thinking of a theme for her since she’s still such a baby, but these are things I know she’ll look cute in and love playing with.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-41 meganwelker-easterbaskets-42 meganwelker-easterbaskets-44 meganwelker-easterbaskets-45 meganwelker-easterbaskets-54


Bunny Rattle

Bathing Suit






 We hope to have inspired you for your little ones Easter Basket.  It’s coming up really quick here and have you gotten everything you need to fill it??  Don’t forget your eggs and grass to complete the look…and some candy!!

All photos my Miss Megan Welker and the adorable little leather tags on all the baskets by our friend Courtney at Poppy Jack Shop Callligraphy

Special thanks to all of our vendors who helped fill our baskets this year especially…

Sweet Threads in Long Beach

Shop Pigment in San Diego

Petit Harper


Old Navy


Shop Minikin

Ladedah kids

Barnes & Noble

Slyfox Threads

Twig Co

Gunn & Swain

Bink & Boo

Gunner & Lux

Kortni Jeane Swim

Westerly Commons 

Jumpy Jack Jack 

Hope you all have a very very Happy Easter. Love this time of year with family and friends…Enjoy it!!

Xx Leah


  • Casandra says:

    I love that little bunny in Isla’s basket, but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Would you mind sharing who makes it. Thanks so much!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Casandra!! It looks like that bunny may be sold out because we don’t see it in Sweet Threads online shop either :( But you could try contacting Shella, the owner who is the best, the store # is 562-439-7933 and maybe she can get it for you!! The brand is called Alimrose too, hope that helps!! xo!

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