Like I said…we love Halloween over here!! It’s most our favorite time of year kicking off the holiday season! You may have noticed this feature this past weekend on Ministyle here, but we couldn’t wait to share this fun Halloween Beach Bash we put together with you all. We can’t get enough of the costumes Pottery Barn Kids, and we are amazed by the ridiculously gorgeous table top and balloon installation from Wild Child Party!! These kiddos had so much fun playing on the beach and eating some yummy food & desserts from Colette’s Catering!  Scroll down for some more spooky fun!!


Here they all are…

How excited is Court the Dino!! RAWR!!!! I mean this pic it everything…


In their element…


Edie…what does the owl say???? Wwwwhhhhoooooo wwwhhhhoooo




Walker the cutie pie Trash Man!


Then there’s little Isla who didn’t want to wear her Flamingo hat….stubborn little babe.


Moving on to this insane balloon install and table…

meganwelker-beijoshalloween-312 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-315


meganwelker-beijoshalloween-332 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-331 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-327 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-325 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-323 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-320 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-319

After playing the kids couldn’t wait to eat this yummy spread…

meganwelker-beijoshalloween-391 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-387 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-383 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-382 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-380

meganwelker-beijoshalloween-363 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-360 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-357 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-354 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-352 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-351 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-350 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-349 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-347

This cake was the cutest!!

meganwelker-beijoshalloween-377 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-374 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-373 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-372 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-370 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-369 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-366

Had to get a close up of the Mac & Cheese…

meganwelker-beijoshalloween-400 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-409 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-408 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-405 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-429 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-420 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-413 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-412 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-418 meganwelker-beijoshalloween-426

Always love styling Halloween…until next year!!

Xx Leah

Styling:  Beijos Events  @beijosevents

Photography:  Megan Welker @meganwelker

Table top & Balloon Installation:  Wild Child Party  @wildchildparty

Flowers: Flowers by Mae Mae @flowersbymaemae

Skull planters: Creation Bay @creationbay

Costumes: Pottery Barn Kids @potterybarnkids

Kids table & Chairs: Witty Rentals @witty_rentals

Food & Desserts: Colette’s Catering  @colettescatering

Beach Blankets: Gunn & Swain  @gunnswain

Calligraphy: Blot and Dot @blotanddot

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