Confetti Placemat DIY

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You remember these little confetti placemats from our She’s Magic, That One! Styled New Year’s shoot we featured last week? So cute right?!? We thought we would show you how to do it! While designing this shoot, I wanted to create something different, and the thought of confetti-filled placemats came to mind. I could only think of one lady that could take my vision and roll with it, the one and only Jessica from The Confetti Bar. She, of course, was all over this idea, and I must say, I”m kinda obsessed with how they turned out. She is giving you the step by step on how to create these pretties. So grab your confetti, and let’s get to filling! 

Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti Placemats


Clear vinyl (I like four gauge) – Something like this will work, or you could even get a little crafty and re-purpose a clear tablecloth protector.
Sewing machine/thread

Start by cutting your vinyl into smaller pieces, a little larger than 14″x18″ rectangles. (This will give you some room to work while sewing)

Put two pieces of vinyl together and trace a 14″x18″ rectangle in the center. (Creating a cardboard template is helpful for this!)

Then sew down three sides of the outlined rectangle, leaving one of the shorter sides open. (You can trim the excess vinyl from the sewn sides.) Have fun with different colored threads and styles of stitching!

DIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti PlacematsDIY Confetti Placemats

Next, add your confetti inside the “pocket” you’ve created. While how much confetti you add comes down to personal preference as to how full you like it, I found about 1 cup of confetti per 14″x18″ placemat was a right amount to have some clear space, 2 cups if you want it filled out.

Once filled with your desired amount of confetti, sew the last side closed and trimmed any excess vinyl from the edge.

DIY Confetti Placemats

Such a fun idea! And, let me tell you, those girls were so excited about them. They were amazed how there was confetti inside! Create these for any holiday, birthday party, or just for everyday use for meals or even a children’s playroom. With it being winter break right now, this is a fun activity to do with your little ones to keep them entertained. 





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