Beijos Spotlight: Marisa Mason Jewelry

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Us Beijos ladies are always on the hunt for new brands and stores to become obsessed with. And once we have found them, we share with our beloved readers in our Beijos Spotlight. Because we know if we love it, you are definetly going to too! Today’s Beijos Spotlight is with Marisa Mason Jewelry. She is one talented jewelry designer, and her pieces are like works of art. Marisa’s pieces are sold thru various stores among you, see where to find them, here. BUT! If you are lucky enough to live near or in Oakland, you can visit her at her store, and trust me you will want to. Let’s get to know Marisa Mason a little bit, and check out her shop and her unique and beautiful pieces she creates there. 

BTW, while I have been writing this, I have five pieces already in my shopping cart. 

Photos by Candiss Koenitzer

When did you start Marisa Mason?
I started my line in 2011- so I guess that is 6 1/2 years ago now.
Have you always been obsessed with jewelry making, how did decide to start this business?
I have always loved making things and started to get into making jewelry in about 2010.  I was never formally trained in any way, so it has been a work in process with my designs changing as new skills evolve.

 Tell us what your favorite piece is? 
My current favorite is probably the Santos necklace which is a made of leather and wood (of all things).  I have a couple of new beautiful jewelry pieces I am excited about as well…I have not named or photographed any of them yet though so check back in on those.
You recently became a new mom, how is it challenging children and being a business owner?
It has been an excellent transition for me- tough but great.  I had built my business on sweat equity, working a ton of hours and often just doing things myself instead of bringing my employees into the loop more.  Once I became pregnant, I knew that would have to change.  It has been amazing to see the ladies who make up our team take over and help run the business better than I ever could have.  It took my adorable baby girl to teach me how to have a better work/life balance.
Can you tell us about your monthly pop up designer you feature in your store?
Every month we feature a different designer in a portion of our store.  They come in, set it up how they want, and create their space.  They make the majority of the money from the sales and get to present their whole vision which can be hard to do as a designer when you don’t have a physical space of your own to show your work.  It is fun to get to know other designers and to get to promote their work differently.
What is your jewelry made out? Tell us a little bit about your pieces? 
I work primarily in brass and silver but am beginning to work more in gold and am excited to grow my fine collection over the next year.  I carve the original designs from wax, and then we cast and hand polish the pieces.  We do a lot of work with leather, turquoise, and various braided fibers as well. 
Your store is amazing Marisa, and I can’t wait to get some of these pieces in my hands. 
Never too late for hints for the 25th! Hint! Hint! cough… cough… Hendrix… hehe!


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