It’s about that time that you sit down and decide what craft your going to undertake with the kiddos for Easter. This year we wanted the craft to be useful, so we made Easter Bunny Treat Bags.  They make such a cute gift for family members, school friends, teachers, or favor bags for the company at your house on Easter.  They are adorable and easy to make.  All they involve are these elements below…


5X7 Muslin Bag

Sponge Paint Brush

Polyester Pom Poms

Bunny stencil

Acrylic Paint of your choice

Glue gun or Super glue


First cut out the bunny stencil.  I found this one online when I googled “bunny stencil”.  Place the stencil over the Muslin bag and use the sponge brush to paint the bunny silhouette onto the bag.  We went the glam route and chose some glitzy, pastel colors to make it pop.  Bold, bright colors would look really cute too.  Make sure to put a piece of paper or cardboard in the bag while painting the bunny on so paint doesn’t bleed to the other side of the bag.  Leave to dry for a bit and then glue the pom pom tail on!


That’s it they are ready to gift or have as an adorble keepsake craft.  We filled ours with some pretty grass and Easter Candy to add to the finishing touches.

meganwelker-bunnies-15 meganwelker-bunnies-17meganwelker-bunnies-23

Heres the kiddos enjoying their Easter Bunny Treat Bags…

meganwelker-bunnies-28 meganwelker-bunnies-29 meganwelker-bunnies-32 meganwelker-bunnies-37

Hope you all have a Fun and Happy Easter with your Family and Friends!

XXOO Beijos Gals

Photos by the lovely Megan Welker

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