Pretty Little Eggs- Beijos Picks

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Best part of Easter?!? (well besides the Easter Bunny)…

The egg decorating of course! No matter what age you are, it is the essential craft of Spring.I remember the days of egg dying with my family covered in dye, and half the eggs ended up a lovely dark color cause you wanted to create your own color.

Now a days, there are so many different techniques and simple decoration that doesn’t involve any dye!

We have rounded up our favorite ways to decorate eggs, and they obviously have that Beijos touch to them.

All photos taken by Yasmin Sarai

Hello Spring!


Sweet messages written on eggs add a fun detail to any egg! We love the thought of writing a fun message on them + adding them to any easter/spring gift or easter basket.

Beautiful calligraphy done by Jilly Ink


Probably my favorite egg decor this year is adding pretty colorful flowers.

This makes such a pretty spring touch to your table if you are hosting a easter event.

and its so easy!!…….


Tie some twine around your egg….


Gather a little bunch of flowers and insert between the twine and the egg

I took a walk around the block and collected some colorful flowers….



Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Gold Floral Tattly Tattoos on your egg!? Why yes please!

I got these tattoos for my daughter’s easter basket, and bought an extra set to see how well they do on eggs. I thought it might be a little tough having the egg obviously being oval shaped. To my surprise, it was fairly simple.


Sea Salt Rubbed Eggs

I stumbled upon this idea randomly a few weeks ago, sea salt rubbed eggs. When you add a freshly dyed egg to a bowl of sea salt it creates a marbled texture on your egg. Simply just dye your egg color of choice and then immediately place the egg in a bowl of sea salt. Give it a couple turns to allow the salt to get on the entire egg. Let Dry. Then rubbed off the sea salt.



Another fun way to display your eggs, in your favorite Anthropologie Half Dozen Egg Crate. Add a colorful succulent + airplant.


That’s one pretty bowl right there!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

Hope the easter bunny is good to you!


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