Essential Oil Tips for Spring Season

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If you’re an avid Beijos Blog reader you know that we have our Essential Oil guru, Melody Brandon!  She is a real super woman.  Mom of two, owner of Sweet & Saucy Shop, Doterra Diamond Leader and my neighbor!  You may have read this post a few weeks ago where she created an amazing face & body scrub.  Well today she’s sharing tips on how to use essential oils for Spring and battle seasonal threats.  She also shares her secret for a yummy perfume as well!  Keep scrolling to read all about it!

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I’ll let Melody take it from here…

If you find yourself sneezing a lot, then you need this combo of lavender, lemon and peppermint!  Add 10 drops of each oil to a 10 mL roller bottle and fill the rest up with fractionated coconut oil and apply the neck, across the cheekbones and on your wrists and inhale.

You can also use this in the diffuser and add in equal amounts of each oil.  The amount of oil you use depends on the size of your diffuser but for most diffusers you could try three drops of each.

Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can provide support to the respiratory system and soothe throat discomfort. Peppermint also provides relief for seasonal threats.

Lemon oil supports lymphatic drainage and the respiratory system.  Lemon can be cleansing and support the immune system. When diffused at home, lemon oil can have a cleansing effect on the air.

Love this cute accessory Melody has for her oils, keep reading for more from her…

I’m kinda obsessed with macrame so I figured combining my two loves together would be great! My friend recycled an old oil bottle and we added lava beads inside. Each lava bead is very porous and so you can drop essential oils onto the beads and the aroma will stay for up to 24 hrs. You can hang this in a bedroom or office or it makes a great car personal diffuser.

I particularly love the combo of Arise, which is Doterra’s yoga blend set, with Copaiba. Both of these oil’s help to calm the mind and yet so refreshing as well.

Lastly the yummiest perfume from Melody that you will be wanting to wear all Spring, actually all year!

Perfume blend

All of us want to smell amazing, but at what cost?!

“The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that, while many popular perfumes, colognes and body sprays contain trace amounts of natural essences, they also typically contain a dozen or more potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals, some of which are derived from petroleum. To protect trade secrets, makers are allowed to withhold fragrance ingredients, so consumers can’t rely on labels to know what hazards may lurk inside that new bottle of perfume.

“A rose may be a rose,” reports EWG. “But that rose-like fragrance in your perfume may be something else entirely, concocted from any number of the fragrance industry’s 3,100 stock chemical ingredients, the blend of which is almost always kept hidden from the consumer.”

So this last year I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different blends for perfume that not only smell amazing but have a great health benefits for things like anxious feelings, stress, mood and cleansing.

This blend has the oils Jasmine and grapefruit in it and then I do a hint of Siberian fit and Copaiba!

“Jasmine oil, a type of essential oil derived from the jasmine flower, is a popular natural remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones. Jasmine oil has been used for hundreds of years in parts of Asia as a natural remedy for feelings of sadness, anxious feelings, emotional stress, low libido and occasional sleeplessness.”

“Many people refer to jasmine oil as a natural aphrodisiac because it’s said to have a “seductive” scent that can increase sensuality. In fact, jasmine oil is sometimes nicknamed “queen of the night” — both because of the strong smell of jasmine flower at night and also because of its libido-boosting qualities.”

Heyoooooo, now there’s an essential oil I can really get behind!

I hope you like all of Melody’s tips!  She really is the best with everything Essential Oils.  Thanks Melody for always sharing your wisdom with us and keeping us healthy!



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