Gettin’ Crafty- DIY Geode Magnets

By February 20, 2015 One Comment

IMG_3536We love a good + stylish DIY… especially one that involves Geodes!

We use geodes in our events and in our own homes, so this was a must DIY we had to try!

and let me tell you, it look less then a minute to do this!

your fridge will thank you after…




1. Geodes (you can find ones off etsy ranging from cheap to expensive)

2. Glue- Industrial Strength (can find at any local hardware store or craft store)

3. Magnet (can find at any local hardware store)

Simply, glue on the magnet on the back of the geode. Allow to dry… I let dry overnight, and thats it.


we told you it was easy!

these makes great gifts too


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