Summer Cocktails- Coconut Crush

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Are we LOVING our Friday cocktail series?! I sure am! Someone’s gotta make sure it taste perfect… even if it means trying it three different ways. Nothing screams summer time more then coconuts, especially when you can drink out of one. If only I was sitting on the beach with one instead of my extremely hot house with two kids running amok. I’ll just close my eyes, run a cold bath, slip on a bathing suit, and pretend I’m somewhere tropical. What? No one else does that?

Photography by Meg Perotti
Calligraphy by Meghann Miniello


*recipe for one cocktail

Coconut Vodka
(I like to use Heritage Distilling Co’s Coconut Vodka)
Fresh Coconut Water
Organic Pineapple Juice
Whole Young Coconut

Coconut Cup
Place your coconut on a hard flat surface. Carefully using a sharp knife, use the bottom portion of your blade and start to edge off half way between the “shoulder” and the top of the coconut until you pierce the outer shell. Turn the coconut and continue tapping until the whole top comes off. Pour out the coconut water into a separate glass to use for the cocktail. Depending on the size, you should get anywhere from 1-2 cups of water.

4M0A0012Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the following:
2 shots of coconut vodka- use less if desired
Equal parts of the fresh coconut water + pineapple juice
(I usually do a 5 count of each)
Shake it like a salt shaker! Shake until your hand can’t stand it anymore.
Optional: add ice into your coconut cup
Pour into cocktail into your coconut, serve, sip, and enjoy!
Feel free to add some fun cocktail stir or fancy umbrella for the extra effect.



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