Summer Cocktails – Watermelon Mojito

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Hello friends!! In honor of national watermelon day this week, we decided to use this amazing fruit as our focus on the Summer cocktail series.  Watermelon is so summer, so refreshing and so yummy on a hot day. We mixed it with a little cuban flair…the mojito and it’s truly killer.  Here’s the pretty cocktail and how to kick off your weekend now!!

All photos by Megan Welker

Graphics by Meghann Miniello



small seedless watermelon cut into chunks

bunch of mint (remove the tough stems)

1 tbs sugar

1 lime cut into wedges

1 1/4 cups white rum


In a cup muddle the small chunks of watermelon, sugar, mint and lime.   Crush it all together until the sugar looks dissolved. Add the rum and mix or shake it all together.


Get your pretty little glass fill it with ice and pour the mojito mixture you just made.  Garnish with mint and a watermelon wedge and your on your way to cool down a hot summer night!!

Enjoy and happy weekend!!

Xx Leah

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