Valentine’s Day Cards & Home Decor with Minted

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Cheers for Valentine’s Day!!!  Why is every holiday so much more fun with kids?!  We always say it, but it’s so true!  And Valentine’s Day is right up there!!  This year we teamed up with Minted to share some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day cards and a little interior decor…  They have SO many cute ideas you guys will freak!!  Here are a few of our picks…  Ok, there are a lot, but they’re all so darn cute, we had to!!!!

Photos by Alison Bernier & Dayna Studios

Let’s start with my little man Court!  He is obsessed with flossing, I mean isn’t every 4 year old boy?!  So I had to get these Floss Like a Boss cards, then I was like oh crap, what am I going to give with them?!  Haha!  So I’ve never given candy or sugar before, but this year we’re trying it out… Did you know that Candy Floss or Sugar Floss is Cotton Candy?!  Well that’s what I did there, mini packages of cotton candy for each kiddo in cute colors too!  Poppy Jack Shop hooked a sister up and added the cute wording on it, then I just added the little stickers from Minted on them!  Super cute right?!  Court approves!!Next up is Miss Penny Kate!  I’m the culprit who let this little lady have Fruit Loops at my house and I guess she liked them judging by these photos, haha!  But seriously, aren’t these Loopy Valentines cute for pre schoolers?!  I mean, I still love fruit loops so I think they’re even cute for adults, but especially pre schoolers, haha!  You can make bracelets or necklaces and you just know every kid in the class is gonna love them!  Hopefully your little one doesn’t eat them all first like little Miss Penny!`How about a little Emoji love?!  Edie Lola loves her some, so why not share it with all her friends?!  She chose these cute LOL Emoji Valentine’s and her mommy found the cutest little key chains to go with them!  So cute for her friends to use on their backpacks too!  Love this little gift instead of a treat!!
Little sister Isla had to get in on the fun too!  Her pre school friends are expecting something great of course!  Well these Llama Fun cards are freaking adorable!  Llamas are so big right now so you can definitely find some cute treats to gift with them, but Mama Leah opted to have our talented friend Anais at The Sweet Lemon Bakeshop create something.  She did these custom amazing cookies, now that’s a special treat!!
Our friend Olivia thought these Hedgehog Cards were pretty cute and I can’t help but agree!  They say “I like the way you roll” which is pretty darn clever!  Her mommy Alison paired them with a cute little bouncy ball that looks like a hedgehog!  Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!  Such a fun non sweet treat!!
Unicorns are so hip right now, so of course Abby’s daughter Dylan is all about them!  They decided on these You are Magical cards, which is such a nice message to send to all your classmates.  As a special treat they did some fun fake tattoos, and what kid doesn’t love playing with those these days?!  Oh and how cute are those sparkly heart clips by Hello Shisho, such a fun addition as well!
We started with a boy and now we’re ending with a boy!  Abby’s son Jett is a gamer and loved these Got Game cards.  Abby found the cutest mini video game tins with candy inside, how rad are they?!  They go perfectly with the theme!!  If those are too pricey for you she also found these pixelated wrist bands that would also be a hit!!
Love these funny valentines!!!!If you’re an adult and just as festive as these kiddos we have some ideas for you too!!  How cute are these Fries Before Guys cards?!  So fun to hand out to all your Galentines and share the love!!  And gifting them some french fries with it?!  You’re everyone’s favorite friend hands down!!!And for home decor we fell in love with their prints!!!  The I Love You So print is in classic black and white and is the perfect understated Valentine’s Day decor you need in your life, it will look good anywhere!  We also loved the Amour print, the soft blush color is so pretty and adds just the right touch of pink to our homes!!
Hope this gets you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, I know we already are!!!

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