Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and I am so excited!! Literally the day after New Years I was thinking about what I was going to get my boys to celebrate Valentine’s Day, haha! I tend to do little surprises for my kids for each holiday to make them special. It’s usually something like pajamas and a book with a little treat like candy or what not. I love celebrating each holiday and making them special and seeing how excited they are when they get their treats.

It’s also fun to treat ourselves for the holidays or plan a little party… We put together a few of our favorite picks so you could be all set for the holiday! From partyware to home decor to gifts for the kiddos, we got you covered! Now shop to it!

First up, you know us, we like to party! So partyware it is!! Here are 4 different tabletop ideas to throw a fun party for Valentine’s Day! All disposable, mostly on Amazon and super fun & flirty!

You can also shop the Meri Meri goodies in the top left and the Daydream Society goodies in the bottom left. They are new collections so not on Amazon yet.

Next up, home decor! Adding little touches through-out your home to get festive is just so fun! And we are partial to pink, so there’s that…

Jammie time! Raise your hand if you love seeing your kids in matching jammies! That’s me!! I live for it! And always like to get festive ones for each season or holiday. Here are some of my favorites I found for Valentine’s Day!

Another must for me are books. I always like to add new books to our little library and the holidays give me the perfect excuse! We love reading books leading up to the holiday and getting excited for all the festivities!

Last but not least, baking!! Another fun thing to do for any holiday! You can do it solo or with the littles and we’ve got you all set to bake your little heart out!

Shopping for Valentine’s Day has never looked so good! Enjoy!



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