A Thanksgiving to Remember with Harry & David

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Another November day inching closer to Thanksgiving and you know we have even more inspiration for you! Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! How did it sneak up on us so quickly?! Well, have no fear, we have all the ideas for you this year, including how to make dinner extra easy on you! Our friends at Harry & David couldn’t make it easier with all of the amazing food, dessert, and wine selections they have. Plus, their friends at Personalization Mall have so many adorable details to add to make your table shine! Get ready, this one is oh so pretty and I’m thrilled to share it with you today!

Photos by my friend Alison Bernier

As always we are starting with a gorgeous invitation, this time from Jessica Leigh Paperie. This one is as elegant as they come with stunning fall colors and that gorgeous ribbon. All of her details were impeccable!

Onto the main event, this beauty of a table! I had so much fun with this one using all of those gorgeous flowers from Earth & Grace along with Signature Party & Hostess Haven’s tabletop pieces in the warm fall tones. I of course had to add some pumpkins to the table, my favorite Fall accessory!

I’m so in love with this table and this photo! It’s just all so elegant!!

Sorry for the photo overload but can you even?! I’m obsessed…

Our dessert table was popping!!! So many scrumptious items to choose from. We had pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate decadence cake, caramel apples, pumpkin pie, salted caramel apple pie, pecan bars, frosted pumpkin spice cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries! My tummy and everyone in my family’s was very satisfied!!

Don’t forget the wine!! I was super impressed with Harry & David’s red wine selection. And of course Jessica Leigh Paperie had the perfect Thanksgiving sign for our mini bar…

And there’s me! Haha! Hi guys!!! I love making my backyard look pretty like this, so much fun!!

I also added in some adorable personalized goodies from Personalization Mall to my set up. They have really great options to make your table unique and special for your guests! I got this custom pumpkin made for my family and also had them made for my Mom & Dad and my kiddos! How sweet is that?! Then I had these custom napkin rings made that double as a place card. They come in cute Fall shapes that are perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

A great gift option for your host or friends for the holidays is this personalized wood lazy Susan. Something I’ll have out for the holidays for years to come!

There’s my cute parents!!!

And if you really want to have everything taken care of online 1800Flowers has these stunning Fall flower arrangements. They look so pretty on the table and I love how convenient and easy it is to have this all delivered to my door!

Time to pour some wine and enjoy dinner with our nearest and dearest!!!

Look how happy he is!

You guys, not only could I make my table pretty with just a few clicks on my computer but I could also have a delicious dinner served too!! I jumped at Harry & David’s gourmet Turkey Feast and added their Gruy√©re Mashed Potatoes and Parmesan Creamed Spinach. It was all so yummy and we basically licked our plates, haha!!

A good hostess knows you always keep those glasses full!


Head to Harry & David’s blog for lots more!!!!



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