Adding A Little Cactus To Your Front Door, Literally!

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Cactus week, oh how we love you! We dig these themed weeks. And you really can’t go wrong with anything cactus, its all heart eyes for us. I immediately wanted to do a feature on front door decor using cactus. It’s been something I wanted to do in our new house, and with it being cactus week here on the blog, it was the perfect time to plant some prickly babes in there. Now, I just needed to find two- 5ft. cactus. Oh, and they had to be pink. And bloom various shades of flowers. Finally, locate all this cactus here in the Sacramento area. No sweat!

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

Turns out, a little hard! Not a lot of cactus here in our area, and definitely none of them were pink. It wasn’t looking good, guys. Then one day, I found pink cactus for sale on Etsy!! The cactus gods were speaking to me! The prickly babes were on their way to their new home.

Now, you can’t have just a plant out by your front doorstep, or at least not for us Beijos ladies. My front door is really tall, so I wanted to add something to the door to not have it be center stage. Local babe, Cassidy Fisher, owner of  The Nothern Craft, designed this amazing cream + white weaving, and I’m so in love with it! It dresses up that cocoa colored door of mine.

Next up, a doormat. Doormats, I get kinda particular about them for some reason. I feel the same way about bath mats. Don’t ask why, but I’m always looking for that perfect one. Could be my design background, or I’m just a wee bit nutty. Probably both. I found this triangle love online. It was unique and the color combination, I was digging. They have been all snatched up at Leif, but they have some other great options, check them out here.

Now for the planters. This was easy for me since I already owned them. I have had these West Elm Iris Planters for years now, and they were screaming for some fun cactus to be planted in them. With some space till empty, I threw in one of my black bucket chairs and some Boho Pillows to complete the scene.

Finally, I got my pink cactus in the mail. And by pink, I mean they are of a purple-pink color. They will change thru the year. Now I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to find 5 ft tall ones, especially having to order online. These ladies might be small, but they are oh so cool! I can’t wait for these to grow bigger and start blooming all those pretty flowers. I’m loving these so much, that just today I ordered another one to put one in my office.

Again, these ladies are just fresh into the pot, but they will grow up and be oh so pretty! I can’t wait to see!





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