Brighten Up Your Day With This Fruit Charcuterie Board

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BEIJOS EATS | August 14, 2023

Eat the sunshine.

When life gives your lemons and summer juicy fruit, you make a sunshine themed charcuterie board. We all know how trendy the charcuterie board has been the past couple years, and we are still here for it. The charcuterie board is really like a chameleon, it can favor whatever theme, holiday, or party it will attend. And that is just a timeless dish. So with it being summer, I created this refreshing, juicy, and savory board that you can snack on all day. Add some crisp white wine, and you have a summer happy hour with the girls that will put a smile on anyone’s faces.

Watch out for those little fingers too, they will be all over this!


Any type of board can be intimidating. What I have learned is to go with the flow. There is no right or wrong way to assemble one. There are couple things that I do like to do that helps create texture and flow through a board.

Slicing: Create dimensional flow through the board with slicing your items in different ways. Even leave some whole.

Layer: I like to layer each item, meaning lay some citrus down on the bottom and then add another item like melon on top followed by a couple of chesses mixed in. It’s all about the textures and layers to achieve that pretty complex look.

Garnish: This is the step that I will always always do. Style up your board with finishing touches like edible flowers, fresh herbs, spices, nuts, etc.


The simple answer is yes. But, you want to make sure its in a timely manner where its not sitting out too long before it makes it debut. If I’m making ahead of time, I will try to do it a couple hours before serving. Keep it in the fridge since majority of boards contain items like cheese, fruit, dips, etc. Have messy cheeses or dips that will spread or get other items soggy, leave those for last minute or even put them in a bowl and then place on the board when serving. Save your garnishes for last minute as well. No one likes a wilted flower situation.

Lastly, don’t forget to serve up on a pretty platter.

A Citrus Chacuterie Board

Author :Abby Guido
Total Time :30 minutes
Yields :4 people
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What Ya Need


  • melon, any kind will work
  • assorted citrus like lemons, grapefruit, kumquats, or cara cara oranges
  • a couple mini brie bites
  • assorted cheeses of your choice, hard or soft. I like a good hard cheese
  • humus or dips
  • mango
  • a handful of edible flowers
  • nuts for garnish
  • dried and/or candied citrus for garnish


  • Wash all your fruit and dry thorughly.
  • Slice the fruit into wedges, slices, or halved. Different ways create dimension and texture.
  • Arrange by layering items together. I like to layer each item, meaning lay some citrus down on the bottom and then add another item like melon on top followed by a couple of chesses mixed in.
  • Add any dips or hummus into bowls and place on platter.
  • Garnish with edible flowers, nuts, fresh herbs, etc.
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