Energy Cleansing for the Beginner- Smudging 101

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Today, we are learning all about energy cleansing, particularly smudge bundles. You will get a knowledge of what smudging is, why you want to smudge, when to smudge, and how to do it. We were going to initially do a DIY on making your own smudge wand, and thru my research, I discovered that there was so much more that goes into the art of smudging, I wanted to become more aware of the process rather than give you a DIY.

Ever since watching, The Craft (remember that 90’s movie about the teenage girls that practice magic?) I always been drawn to things like tarot card reading, energy cleansing, chakra balancing, the list goes on. Over two years ago, I started getting acupuncture for my anxiety. It furthered my interest in the whole world of inner healing, cleansing, and restoring yourself, relationships, homes, and more. I’m a big believer in crystals and stones that will protect, heal, and bring positive energy into my life.

Stay tuned for further posts about crystals and how you can create your own crystal grid, as well as how you can incorporate crystals and gems into your everyday routine, home, and personal health.

Photos by Dayna Studios

Sweet friend, Angie from Topanga Window breaks it down for us and gives a 101 on smudging. So what is smudging?

Smudging is a spiritual process that uses the power of your intention, combined with sacred smoke, to cleanse, heal, and restore people, animals, objects, and homes to a higher and more beautiful vibration.

 How did you get started/learning on smudging?

I studied martial arts intensively for years and meditation is a way of life for me. I began to learn more about sage smudging as another form of meditation and for spiritual cleansing. My family ancestry can be traced back 10 generations of indigenous South American Quechua Indians. The use of Palo Santo and other sacred herbs were common practice in my family. So I now create these pieces guided by a culture that I well know and inspired through my martial arts spirit.

Tell us about each smudge stick and what each one offers/cleanses?

The PALO SANTO  bundle is a great cleansing kit!
Translating to “holy wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows only on the coast of South America. This bundle also comes with a selenite wand. Selenite is nicked named ‘mother of all crystals’. A powerful wand that cleanses all other crystals and stones. Its a must have for any ‘beginner”! Also added to this bundle is eucalyptus. A native plant to Australia, the burning of eucalyptus is used for healing and protection.

The LAVENDER SAGE BUNDLE is wonderful for some self-cleansing and healing. A very calming and fragrant wand with lavender flowers and rose petals. I like to burn this one in the evening as its calming fragrance will help create a peaceful atmosphere.

The WHITE SAGE BOUQUET has calming chamomile flowers and comes with a clear quartz crystal and a white feather! Also great for “beginners’, as the quartz is known as the master of healing crystals. Very powerful and beautiful!! This bundle is created with a white sage bulb, so the stick can be held as a “bouquet”.

What is the proper way of cleansing, and advice for beginners on which one to start with?

Smudging is a custom of all Native Americans and it is a way to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify the body, aura, energy, sacred space or personal articles. I say there is no wrong way to smudge as long as you have good intentions and practice a good faith. Always look to clear stale or negative energy that you may be feeling in your presence. I would recommend beginning with white sage smudge sticks. there are many different herbs used for smudging, sage, cedar, yerba santa, sweetgrass to name a few. Experiment with all kinds and you will find which work best for you. Some are more powerful than others. I find some beginners say sage has a very strong scent. If so, I would recommend sweetgrass or palo santo.

Can anyone make their own smudge kit from the grocery store? Will you get the same benefits?

If you want to create your own smudge sticks all you need is some dried sage, herbs, and flowers! A little bit of string and a lot of love! Get creative, there is no wrong or right way, just good vibrations! You can also create your wands with fresh herbs and florals, just hang them for a week or two to fully dry before burning. Always use a fireproof bowl to catch the ashes and to put out your bundle.

Lastly, what is your favorite bundle to cleanse with?

Palo Santo is my personal favorite way to purify and cleanse my home!

There you have it guys, a 101 on smudging. Thanks, Angie! Stay tuned for another informative lesson on how to protect and cleanse your home. And be sure to check out all Angie’s beautiful smudge bundles over at Topanga Window.


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