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Beijos Real Talk- The Balancing Act

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We are continuing our little real life chats with you today. Today I’m gabbing about motherhood and that crazy balancing act you need to master to achieve sanity. Before kids, I was organized. I was always 10-15 minutes early. I was a OCD cleaner (I still hold onto this in the outside drinks fridge. I have come to terms with the kitchen fridge). I was always up to date with my friends and family lives. I was showered :) Fast forward 6 years later, and here I am. I look at that person before kids and jealously sets in. Man, how I wish I had the energy and time to be like that again. How does one master and juggle it all? Where the hell is that manual? Note: I wouldn’t change the this crazy life for the world.


When the kids were a little younger, I was determined to be that perfectly balanced mother. With trying to be the “best” I was actually going the opposite way. Trying so hard to make sure every aspect of my life was covered was emotionally and physically draining. There had to be a balance in my life so that I wasn’t going to be dropped off by my husband to the nearest nutty farm with a note on me that said “please fix”. With time and experiences, I have become aware that everyday won’t be the same day and some days you might not get everything done. Being not perfect is OK! Sometimes those messes just have to wait. Sometimes those emails will get returned after bath or the next morning. Sometimes (very rarely, lol) its ok for your son to go to school in clothes he picked out himself with his red rain boots on a hot sunny day (aka today). Sometimes life just needs to be put on hold for a tiny bit so you can sit and refocus on the important things… being a mom.

There are a couple “tips” that I have learned to help juggle with maintaining a balanced life.



Having realistic goals. Remind yourself that having a perfectly balanced day might not happen today. Being successful at work and at home at the same time doesn’t exist. Be ok with that! Strive to try to get it all done, and if it doesn’t then you have tomorrow! If my day doesn’t go as planned for whatever reason, I have learned to not get work up about it.


Having a full time job and being a full time mom, my daily lists of tasks are high. I schedule time out for family, work, and myself so I won’t be going completely bonkers. Of course my 1st priority is my family. When they are home, I try to do my best to focus on them. There were times where I would be on my computer, cooking dinner, and trying to play with my kids. I would try to be superwoman, but ended up being a super mess. I set myself realistic goals each day, and if I don’t get them all done.. thats OK!


Life isn’t perfect. Its not what you see on Instagram half the time. Lets face it. Life is perfect when you realize what you can do yourself, and not to compare yourself to others. Those perfect rooms and homes you see on social media, I guarantee there is a pile of laundry that didn’t make the frame, or a screaming kid in the background. At the end of the day, you can either be a nutty mom or the cool non-perfect mom that has some stuff figured out. I’m cool with being the non-perfect mom.

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Plus wine always helps at the end of the night!



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