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Jewelry obsessed, we are always on the look out for those pieces that fit right into our collection. Finding unique pieces really get us excited! and Ashwood Avenue is just that. I stumbled upon Ashwood’s Instagram a couple months ago, and fell in love with their necklaces. I love natural, simple, and handcrafted jewelry…. everyday staples that make a statement. And that is exactly what Ashwood Avenue is all about. The three of us could not wait to get our hands on her wooden tassel and leather necklaces.

We chatted it up with sweet Cassy Bright, the genius behind Ashwood Avenue and peaked into her life as the creator of these beautiful handcrafted unique pieces.

Photos by Yasmin Sarai and Megan Welker

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The Santo Necklace|| White worn by Abby

How and when did you begin Ashwood Jewelry?

I officially started Ashwood in 2014, but I’ve been creating pieces long before that. I studied Art and Design while in school, and for fun I’d make necklaces from old materials I didn’t use from school projects. I’d give these necklaces to friends and family and loved the feeling of giving an item that was handcrafted and unique. After some positive feedback and a little push of confidence, I built a website and opened up shop.

What inspires your designs?
I’ve always found inspiration in using natural materials and the magic that comes with combining different textures, colors, and patterns. I love the outdoors, camping, and traveling. Whenever I’m on a trip, I bring back a piece of that place and try to apply it to my designs. When I’m hit with an idea, I try to make it as soon as possible so I don’t lose it (even if it means getting out of bed at 12:00am). The end result always ends up a little different, but you have to capture the inspiration before you lose it.
I also find inspiration from other creatives and makers. I try to attend as many talks, workshops, and gatherings as I can.
 There is so much to learn from each other, it’s awesome seeing other people working hard at their craft and succeeding while doing what they love.
meganwelker-necklace-5 meganwelker-necklace-17 meganwelker-necklace-18
Black and Tan|| Diamond worn by Jacquelyn
What has it been like to connect with your clients?
I connect with my clients through my pieces. When a customer purchases a necklace, they get a little piece of me. It’s all handmade and assembled by me in my home, even down to the packaging where I add a foliage snip of Portland pine tree to each package. Then I get to see how they wear it, use it, style it in their lives through social media, continuing the circle of spreading the good vibes I set out to create.
meganwelker-necklace-2 meganwelker-necklace-13 meganwelker-necklace-9
The Santo Necklace || Tan worn by Leah
What is next for Ashwood Jewelry?
Many things! I’m still growing, learning, and improving with each day. I just came out with some leather and alpaca bag tassels that I’m pretty excited about. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with wedding designers for tassels on welcome bags. I love creating little details to add that extra special touch.
Starting Ashwood has been challenging at times but it also brings me so much joy. I apply kindness and compassion to my business and am so appreciative for all the support. I love collaborating with all kinds of people and I am always up for coffee if you’re ever in Portland, get in touch and we can chat!

Cassie you make gorgeous pieces and your energy and love come thru on every piece!

See more of Ashwood Avenue here!

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