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Time for another home tour, and this one is full of life and color, so naturally, we can’t get enough!!  Today we take a walk through the home of Bianca Wickers, owner of Bink & Boo that we spotlighted here last week… It is one of our go to collections for our littles and we can’t help but be in awe of how crazy talented and creative Bianca is so we had to take a look inside her home!  Bianca is a mother of two who we also admire for her strong work ethic and her humbleness, I mean seriously, this lady is so so full of talent and she is so modest about it!!  Plus she is just a sweetheart, we guarantee you guys will fall in love just like we did…  It is eclectic and fun, and full of Bianca’s tag line – Sunshine & Cheer!

All Photos by Jennie Corti

bink-1Tell us a little bit about you and your family and where you live…
I am Bianca, and I am the chief creative chick behind Bink & Boo.  I live in San Marcos, California, with my husband (Roman), and our two kiddos. I can easily say that my husband is the ring leader of this circus.  He’s the most put together, patient, and level headed person I know.

bink-154bink-160bink-159 bink-158 What is your favorite thing to do at home with your family?

When we are home we love to just be near each other.  We are like a swarm of bees. We move from room to room as a unit.  As soon as one person leaves the room we all follow. Most often we gravitate to the kitchen–the hub of our hive. I usually whip something up for the fam, while they play legos, color, or just create stuff from what’s on the table.  We keep a few, small, metal tubs on the table filled with creative trinkets for the kids and us to play with, and entertain ourselves. Our home is small, and there’s not a lot of storage space, so we really have to edit what comes in.  I prefer “toys” that are multipurpose, and promote open ended creativity.  My husband and I benefit from them just as much as the kiddos do.

bink-189bink-121bink-196 bink-132bink-167bink-16bink-126bink-128bink-12 bink-13 Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

Ha!  I love this question.  My favorite place to shop is the thrift store. Isn’t it obvious? Our place is a potpourri of my favorite finds.

bink-152 bink-151 bink-90 bink-71bink-24How does your creative job reflect in your home design?

 My creative job has spilled over into our home. Thankfully my husband is patient with me and doesn’t mind me decorating with my fave finds from the week. Because of my job I am at the thrift store at least 3 days a week, and on the weekends we hit up an estate sale or two (as a family).  I am always looking for new things for bink & boo, naturally I look for myself and our home as well.

bink-56 bink-50bink-54 bink-52bink-182  We love how your home is full of so much color, how do you effectively use such fun and different colors so stylishly?

I love, love, love color! I am generally drawn to the same tones, and shades. I think that helps. The 60’s really speak to me. That was an era of color and crazy patterns. Two of my favorite things. To make that look a bit more modern I anchor prints and color with navy blue. Blue is my go-to neutral.

bink-36 bink-30bink-35 bink-44 bink-45 bink-48bink-148bink-140bink-141How would you describe your style in three words?

Crazy. Hot. Mess.

bink-69bink-78 bink-75 bink-72bink-68 bink-80 bink-82bink-22 What was the most difficult part of designing and styling your home?

We live in an overpriced condo we bought 10 years ago, and haven’t remodeled.  There’s nothing exciting to share when it comes to the “design” of our home. There’s carpet, there’s tile, and brown granite (ugh). Soooo 2005.When it comes to styling our home, that’s a different story.  My husband and I have been through so much with this home. During the great recession of 2009 we both lost our jobs, and had to live on an extreme budget–with a new baby–to do what was necessary to continue to make payments on our home.  We were unemployed for two years.  Those were some stressful years.  But, because of that experience and all we sacrificed, I have learned to appreciate what we have, rather than focus on what we don’t have.  Which can be a real challenge. Especially when every home on Instagram and Pinterest is stunning and styled to perfection. But the truth is, no one if this family is styled to perfection. We all have something wonky and wild about us.  Even when we are our most put together, something is out of place.  We are most def not polished people, so it makes sense that our home isn’t either. We have fun styling our home. It’s truly a reflection of all of us.

bink-88 bink-86 bink-91 bink-92 bink-93 bink-89  What is your favorite piece in your home and why?

 Oh gawd, that’s easy!  The beautiful piece of art that hangs above our couch.  It brightens everything, and was painted by one of my best friends, Alexis Garret.  Her beautiful spirit shines through her art, and that particular piece make me so happy.  Full disclosure: It’s on loan. She needed a place to store it until it was able to move into it’s rightful owner’s house.  I’m going to be so sad to see it go.

bink-2 bink-179 bink-8 bink-170 bink-171 bink-10 bink-3 bink-5 bink-174What are the greatest challenges and rewards to being a working mom?

I appreciate the freedom I have to maneuver with my kids’ schedules. That’s something that I really cherish.  I never wanted children, and I most definitely never wanted to stay home with them.  Before bink & boo, and before kids, I was in sales.  A very demanding job, a stressful job, and one I {thought I} liked. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I planned to take a short maternity leave, and then go into the “working mom” (away from home) routine with a nanny. But I lost my job while on maternity leave, and that changed my entire plan. I was forced to stay home with my son.  Losing my job was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me time with my son that I would have never had. My time with him softened me. My priorities shifted.  I would have never been able to make time for my children AND my husband if I would have continued on the path I was on prior to kids. I am so grateful for my kids who put me on this path, and radically changed my life and outlook.

bink-178Thank you Bianca for sharing your beautiful home and all of your creativity with us!!  And also your adorable kiddos :)




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