The Cutest Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards from Minted

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Well, we’ve covered family cards and home decor this week for Valentine’s Day – now onto the classroom cards!  Even Covid can’t break this tradition!!  It’s one of the sweetest and cutest traditions for Valentine’s Day and of course Minted has the best!!  We’ve got all ages covered for you here – from pre-school to 5th grade!  The Beijos kids are growing up!

Keep scrolling to see all of the cute Valentine’s our kids chose this year!

Photos by Dayna Studios & Alison Bernier

D  Y  L  A  N

My pretty Dylan was bananas over these cute Day is Bananas classroom Valentine’s Day cards. She said it reminds her of Gwen Stefani’s “bananas” song, haha! I deeply apologize if that song gets stuck in your head. I have had it in my head for the past month. I just noticed sadly that it’s no longer available at Minted! Sad face. But there are so many more that are just as cute!

She picked out a couple and it was a tough time for her to pick her favorite. In the end, the bananas won, but it was a close call! She loved this Mask You one as it matches the disposable heart masks she wears to school. You can gift the ones she wears, see them here. She also loved this Stay Groovy card and wanted to pair these sunglasses with them.

We paired her card of course with the classic banana candy! Did you know they come in all colors now!? I got the bag from Amazon and picked out the pink and yellow ones to match the card. You can also buy just in yellow too.

C  R  U  Z

My little Cruzy Bug loves his hot wheels, so he chose this car Valentine!  I love the vintage vibe to the Automobile Valentine and the saying on the card, it’s just too cute!!  Another cute design detail is that you can customize the back of the card with a photo of your child and the adorable stickers!!

Cruz and I decided to gift his preschool pals these mini VW Bug cars that match his card!  We are going to add a little candy and heart confetti.  Now that’s the perfect boy Valentine if you ask me!!

O  L  I  V  I  A

My favorite little lady Olivia decided to go with this adorable I Like You Berry Much card!  She is the sweetest so I wasn’t surprised when she chose this sweet card!  Olivia is quite the baker these days so she chose to make homemade strawberry candies for her treat which she accompanied with a strawberry pen.  Her classmates are pretty darn lucky!  And we sealed it with the cute matching stickers!  Another plus, all the red and pink with these colors are perfect for Valentine’s Day…

J  E  T  T

This silly guy was all giggles for this Hot Diggity Dog classroom Valentine’s Day card. At 1st, I was like that’s an interesting choice that he made. Then, it all made sense when he was signing the Mickey Mouse hot diggity dog song. He loves himself some old school Mickey Mouse shows, and use to sing the song all the time when he was little.

Along with the cute hot dog card, we did a personalized Hot Diggity Dog sticker to adhere to the envelope for that extra cute detail. I’m still unsure if we will be able to bring in treats at all for school, but we are ready if we can! Funny story, I had asked him what he wanted to pick as a treat to go along with his Valentine’s Day cards. Without hesitation, he said that he wanted to go to Costco to get everyone their hot dogs, haha! Such a sweet boy, but I didn’t think we could swing that. So we went with the second-best choice, these fun hot dog gummies.

P  E  N  N  Y

Little Penny is on her way back to pre-school after a long Covid break and I don’t know who is happier, her or mama!  Haha!  Penny is Olivia’s little sister and my dear friend Alison’s youngest daughter.  They chose these cute Avo Nice Day cards along with the matching stickers!  I just find this card so darn cute and picture Alison’s cute Australian accent saying it, haha!  She also got the adorable pens that Olivia got, better yet they are in a set!  So siblings can do the same cute cards just like the Bernier girls did!  Unless you want to give actual avocados, which hey, I wouldn’t mind if my kids got that, haha!

C  O  U  R  T

Mr. Cool guy – aka my sweet six-year-old Court decided to go with a Rock N Roll theme!  Maybe it’s the influence of his musician dad or maybe it’s just his wild side, but this card is perfect for this boy!  Right away he said, I want THAT card!  It’s the Heart Beats card and it has the prettiest metallic foil touch to it that I love!  Like everyone else, we also added the adorable stickers that go with it!  Since Court is in 1st Grade and his school requires something store-bought or pre-packaged we decided Pop Rocks along with some black confetti were the perfect complement to this awesome card.  I may be the most hated mom from his class with that candy, but I’m sure the kids will be happy, haha!

Shop all of our favorite cards below!!!


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