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Ok, guys! It’s round two of Beijos Organizing! This time, I tackled another “closet” that always ends up cluttered, misplaced, and disheveled. The kid’s playroom closet! Its that closet, you are so afraid to open up! Just close the door and ignore it. But my little ones are starting to be big ones, and it was time for a little transitional cleanup. January is a perfect time to do this, it’s like a little mini spring cleanup. When I did my pantry, I was so lucky to discover MDesign. They literally have every kind of box or bin you can think of that you will need to help to organize your life. So it was a no brainer, I used them again for this project. 

I also brought in the help from a few other friends to help create one cute and stylish playroom closet. Proper + Letter helped me color coordinate with her stylish aryclic labels. Minted helped bring out the personalities of each kid with their fun art prints. See more fun items below, plus you can shop the “His” and “Her” side below! 

Photos by Dayna Studios



Woven Baskets
Lazy Susan Turntables
Stackable Wardrobe Storage Boxes
Stackable Toy Storage Boxes


Donation + Keep Piles

1st things 1st, we have to get rid of all the junk those little ones don’t play with anymore. It took me a couple of days to go through it all, but it felt good to fill up some bags and takedown to my local donation center. Here is a little mom trick! If you have kids like mine, they want to hold onto everything and anything. I don’t blame them, buttttt I mean there comes a time where you are straddling that hoarder line. I did a little bit each day while they were at school. I also kept some of the unique things I know they will enjoy having once they grow up and have kids of their own. Ok, so you have made your donation piles and keep piles, right? Great! Not so bad, right? Oh, I forgot to mention I created a collection of just trash. You would not believe how many candy wrappers I found in there! Little rugrats! 

Next, let’s organize those keep piles. Our playroom closet has doors that slide to each side. I thought this would be a great idea to allow each kid a side of their own. So I had a “Jett” section and a “Dylan” section. How cute are the signs that Proper Letter made saying “His” and “Hers.” Right now, my kids are at the phase where they don’t really play with a lot of “toys.” Its more games, electronic devices, sports, books, and crafts. Oh, and Legos! So I categorized each shelf to accommodate their hobbies currently. 

The “His” Side

Jett is a boy that loves anything legos, robots, DJs, music, and games. So for his very own section, I included all that. Oh, let me just get this out there right now, you will see empty space. What I mean by that is boxes that don’t have anything in them or areas where you are probably wondering, “Did she forget to put something there?”. Nope! I love empty space when styling shelves and closets, and these stackable wardrobe storage boxes were exactly what I was looking for. For me, it makes it seem not so bunched together. 

I started with the top shelf that he can’t reach with his Halloween costume from a couple of years back. I like to put in art prints or fun things like this Halloween mask that really scream that person’s personality. Jett loves DJs, so Deadmau5’s head was a perfect accessory for his side. Just right below, I did some really cool retro cars from Candylab Toys that fit directly at home with the Let the Good Times RollSum Total Wall Art Print, and the Memphis Art Print all from Minted

Color Coordination!

Then, his “lego” shelf! Before this cleanout, he had legos in baskets, drawers, boxes, his closet, you name it! Lego’s were my arch-nemesis! They were everywhere in this house. Stepping on them, finding them in my bed, vacuuming them up, you name it. They had to go! Jk, no way! MD Design makes these rad stackable boxes that were perfect for organizing them by color. Yes, color! Nothing brings me more smiles, then walking in and seeing them all color coordinated in their homes, and not under my feet. And no boxes are complete without Proper Letter’s clear aryclic tags! I had her create ones with the actual color on the label, so it’s clear, that’s the blue legos.

Next to the Legos, went some of his favorite books he likes to read when he gets home for his homework. More fun items for decoration are his Dash Robot, and a lego he built with his uncle that he is very proud of. If your kids are into coding and robots, then this cute little guy is a great gift option. This is where I liked to put clear empty boxes I was talking about earlier. 

Then on the bottom, some woven baskets that are filled with some card games. We have a closet downstairs where we keep the board games, so only the little guys are up here. 

Shop “His” Side 

The “Her” Side

My sweet Dylan is gonna be 10 in April! I can’t believe it. I mean, she already acts like a 13 yr. Old, so it’s more of a shock I’m getting older. I’m sure someone can relate. In the past two years, she has really transitioned into a young lady. No more playing with dolls, barbies, and singing and dancing to frozen. So it really was a harder time getting rid of some of her stuff then I thought. I did end of keeping more then I wanted, and put all those goodies in the garage for her one day. These days are all about soccer, photography, and art. 

Let Them Pick! 

With Dylan, she likes to be a part of the decision making for anything that includes her. She wanted products to do drawing with, storage for her nails, makeup, and hair, and everything soccer. Well, I couldn’t fit any soccer posters in there, so they went above her bed. 

On the 1st shelf, we did more of those clear acrylic boxes with some color-coordinated books on top. Then we did an art shelf for her. She picked out the Cereal + Milk Art Print and the Camera Art Print. I filled M Design’s Divided Lazy Susan Turntable with everything from crayons to paints. You can shop all her goodies down below! And don’t forget to color coordinate! I’m telling you, you will be so happy when you’re done. 

On the last shelf alongside the Sherbet Rainbow Art Print, were a mix of caboodles! Do you remember that hummus caboodle tray did I did for our 90’s week last year? See it here if you didn’t, but I got the idea of filling one of her shelves with these nostalgic containers. Not only are they super cute with a wide range of cool trendy colors, but you can store whatever you want in them, and never see the mess! It’s perfect for all the scrunchies, hair ties, nail polish, and now blush these days. 

Shop “Her” Side

Well, there you go, guys, another Beijos Organization feature! I hope this brought you some ideas for your next playroom project. 

Oh, and another tip that my Mother-in-law actually taught me! Kids have a lot of crap, right? The closet that I did clearly does not have a ton in it. There are some items like holiday books, more craft games, more lego games in boxes, that wouldn’t fit in there without making it cluttered. Take some Costco bins, and fill those with things they are still into, but just not playing with currently. Stick it into the garage, and bring it out down the road. You will be shocked by how excited they get! And it helps make a nice clean playroom closet. 





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