Alright…we told you we were going to start inundating you with the best baby products around right??  Well, Jacquelyn and I have been at home with our newborns for a couple weeks now trying some of the best new baby brands and here is one of them. We’ve come across the best nursing scarf and swaddle made by NuRoo.  They are all about the 4th trimester and the benefits of keeping your baby close during the first couple of months and beyond. This is just the best time spent with your newborn. It’s all about the bonding, the skin to skin, the cuddles for days and oh that newborn smell…can we bottle it up??

Lets start with the swaddle…We let Henry and Cruz try out this swaddle and they just love it.  They sleep so soundly in it and the prints are so cute!! What makes this different from all the other swaddles out there you say??  It’s the only swaddle you’ll need from birth until the they get old enough to roll. It also grows with your babe!!  There are two interior pockets and a removable seam to extend its length.  It provides a perfect fit at every stage promoting baby safety and a sound nights sleep!!

Here is adorable baby Cruz in his new NuRoo swaddle. Jacquelyn, tell us why you and Cruz love this…

I can’t help but laugh but literally the minute I put Cruz in the NuRoo swaddle he calmed down… That day he had been a little fussy/wiggly and I couldn’t get him to settle down and I thought, I’m going to try this sucker out!  The second I had him in there he calmed down and fell right asleep, it was a miracle worker!  Haha!!  I really wish I would have discovered this product with my older son Court who we couldn’t keep in a swaddle to save our lives.  I use this swaddle for naps and at night for Cruz and he stays perfectly content in there the whole time, it’s incredibly soft to the touch which I love as well.  I mean, he even smiles in his sleep with it, how could you go wrong?!

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Here’s both of these little dudes enjoying this super soft breathable swaddle.

Henry really likes to be swaddled.  He sleeps better because he’s tight in there, just like he was in the belly.  I love how easy it is to use and that it will grow with him.  Plus with other swaddles we have he wiggles himself out of.. this one he can’t.

meganwelker-sept8-121 meganwelker-sept8-123 meganwelker-sept8-125

Another great item from NuRoo is their Nursing scarf. Play with it to customize the coverage…wrapped or draped, front and back, over the shoulder or around your neck. The fabric is super soft, and breathable for baby. And we love that it can be worn as a scarf too.

Here’s a little from our pretty mama Jacquelyn using her NuRoo nursing scarf.

I’m one of those moms who loves to nurse… I had a really easy time with it when I had Court and now with Cruz it’s been real good as well!  I love how the NuRoo nursing scarf is incredibly soft and cradles Cruz while he is feeding.  It gives him an extra sense of cuddling while keeping him cozy.  Plus, it’s functional for me to wear while we are out and about!  The other day I had both kids at the park and it came in handy to have a few times with my hungry little chunk of a babe!

meganwelker-sept8-105 meganwelker-sept8-104 meganwelker-sept8-106

This scarf is made of the softest fabric.  Right now I use it to cradle Henry in, almost like wrapping him up in a blanket.  I love this stage with him and wearing the scarf allows me to cuddle up with him while I’m nursing.  It allows me to stop in time and take in the moment.

meganwelker-sept8-82 meganwelker-sept8-79 meganwelker-sept8-84

 All photos by Megan Welker

Hope you guys have the opportunity to try these out like we did!!  They are the best out there and will not disappoint!

Xx Leah

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