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So in May of 2015 my family grew to four as we welcomed our baby girl Isla Jean.  We had Edie in March of 2012 and we had those wonderful feelings of having your first baby clear in our minds, we were so excited to feel all of those feelings and more with our second arrival.  When you know what to expect it’s so much more exciting.  There were a little nerves here and there because of the balance worry, but for the most part the joy and anticipation clearly out weighs the nerves this time around.


Having two girls is such a blessing.  I came from a family of two girls and my sister and I were best friends growing up and we still have a great relationship.  We laugh and remember our childhood, and I can’t wait to see  these two experience that bond of sisterhood first hand.


We had our princess Edie for three solid years before Isla came and she was our only child for that time.  She went through a little bit of difficulty getting used to the other princess we welcomed to the house, but she has adjusted just fine.  As Isla has grown out of her newborn phase and started to engage with Edie, she has loved making her sissy laugh and play with all her toys.  She’s already very protective of her baby sister making sure she’s always taken care of and in good hands!


One thing I know that people say is that every baby is different, and boy was that true for us! Edie and Isla couldn’t be more different when it comes to temperament and personality.  I didn’t realize how easy going Edie was as a baby until we had Isla.  Isla is a much needier baby.  She cries more, she is a little more active, she doesn’t sleep as well and she has to be held most of the time.  Getting used to all  of these things was difficult at first, but once we found our groove, life got a little easier.


Being home with them has been the best gift. Seeing them grow everyday at this stage in their lives is a time I will cherish forever, and It’s time that I’ll never get back.  I try to slow down the processes and take it all in, but life is flying by.  Our busy mommy lives take over and the days become weeks and months and then a year has past! I do my best to make things fun on the days that Edie is not in school, and focus on her time with us since the adjustment was a little tough on her in the beginning.


Managing my time at home was a little difficult at first.  With a needy newborn and active toddler running around, it’s very difficult to find time for yourself or work.  Once you find that window of time it’s gold and you have to get as much done in the window as possible!!  For me it’s on the day’s Edie is in school and Isla is napping.  If it’s a good day, Isla will nap two times in the morning and afternoon.  On the days I have them both, they never nap at the same time….I’m not that fortunate.  I did realize with two how important a daily routine is for them.  With Edie, she was so easy going, we really didn’t need much of a schedule with her, but when Isla came along and to find time to get stuff done in the house or for work a schedule was the answer to all my issues.


With one your life is busy, and you can’t really picture how it will be with two until it’s a reality.  Your life gets a lot busier and things take double the time to complete.  My husband is busy working a lot, but I’m grateful for his help everyday with the girls.  It’s my life saver most of the time, whether it’s with bath time or occupying Edie’s time in the evening after we put the baby down so I can have my time.  We don’t have a regular schedule with a sitter to come help, but we are very grateful for the help of our families.  We are lucky to have some help a phone call away if needed.


My husband came from a big family and he would like to have one more.  The thought of having another seems fun, but crazier for sure!!  We’ll see…


Being a mommy is the best thing I’ve done in life, It’s hard to picture it before they were here.  I’m so lucky to have them and grateful for this journey with them.

All photos by the lovely Megan Welker

Xx Leah

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