Meet the Beijos Gals – Vol 2

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We had so much fun introducing ourselves to you guys a couple months back that we wanted to tell you more.  Plus to all the newer followers we have out there, thanks for following along and here’s who we are behind all the pretty staged stuff…

Hi I’m Abby, I’m loyal, creative, and free spirited


I love being barefoot all the time. Regardless of what is under my feet, I’m barefoot. I’m allergic to grass and its my favorite to be barefoot on… thank goodness for allergy meds. I love having fresh flowers in my house all the time, it makes me feel happy. Even when I’m having a bad day, looking at them just makes me feel better. Its my happy treat for myself. I LOVE LOVE cheese. A day in a cheese shop is like I won the lottery, you get to try cheeses as long as your little  heart desires or until they get tired of you. One small slight issue… I’m extremely lactose intolerant. So its a bit of a tease… lets not joke, its just flat out hell! Thank god for lactose pills! Which I get shipments of so I can carry out my cheese shop dreams. I rely on a lot of pills to get me thru my happy times haha.

I hate when people swirl their drinks when ice is in it. It literally drives me insane. My husband loves to do it, and when we are in a movie before the move starts is when he does it a lot. I often have to count silently in my head to calm my chi. I hate wearing closed toed shoes, they make me feel like claustrophobic. When I do, no socks are involved, and that’s just more torture for my feet. I think I own maybe two pair of socks. When I do wear closed toed shoes which is usually sneakers or boots, its not for very long. I hate an empty glass of vino. Who doesn’t.

In my past life I definitely was a hippie. I have way too many hippie tendencies that I have had since I was little.

My biggest accomplishments are my two babes, Dylan and Jett. Best thing I have done and probably will ever do is to have had them and get to be their mom.

ET scares me to death… no explaining cause the vision will be in my head all day.

Hi, I’m Jacquelyn, I’m adventurous, passionate, and thoughtful


I love to chant, I’ll jump in on any chant but a good standby is USA! USA! USA!  I also love soup, if it’s on the menu I will generally have it.  My Avó always made the best soups and now my mom makes my favorites, one of these days I’ll have to carry on the tradition but as for now I’ll just eat them :)  I love watching sports!  My husband hit the jackpot with me… I would prefer to watch a baseball game on tv then a sitcom.

I hate cheese – yes, I know that’s weird – I will eat cheez-its, cheetos, and goldfish crackers but if it’s any type of REAL cheese, it tastes like my barf.  I also hate when people don’t say please or thank you, mind your manners friends!  My husband hates when I correct him, “you mean PLEASE pass the remote?”, that one always gets a good eye roll.  I also hate horror movies, why do they have to make SO many all the time?!

In my past life I was a street bull fighter in Portugal… I have a flair for the dramatic and I love attention so this would be my greatest role, haha! I ran with the bulls once in the streets of Angra, the city my dad was born, and the adrenaline rush was crazy… I’m one of those people who will usually take a dare, and I also love being Portuguese so it makes sense.  Also, they don’t kill the bull in Portugal so I’m still PC, hooray :)

My greatest accomplishment is of course being a mom!  It’s the hardest and most fulfilling job I’ve ever had, and I love it.

I’m scared to death of moths and rats… The thought/sight of them freaks me the F out…

Hi, I’m Leah, I’m dependable, caring and always up for a good time!

I love a clean house, this quite possibly could make me the happiest, haha!!  My favorite day is when I get my house cleaned.  Now if I could only get my husband to really understand this love….I love new adventures, and days with no agenda. Like going to places I’ve never been before from exploring new cities to going to the new shop or restaurant that opened down the street that everyone is talking about. I love coffee.  I love the smell, I love the caffeine push, I love the taste and I need it every morning, even when I’m prego I drink decaf to keep sane.I hate when people say they are going to do something and don’t do it, or say it will be done by a certain time and it doesn’t get done.  Big pet peeve of mine!! I take your word for things people!! Get it done!! I hate plain water, I have to have it flavored with lemon or make it into crystal light, haha!  I don’t know why??  I have a hard time drinking if there is no flavor involved.  I hate things like hugging sweaty people, or shaking clammy hands and even wet dog kisses. Nope not for me…just gross.

In my past life I was Serena from Gossip Girl.  Ummmm how fab would it be to be her??  Yup, upper East side, super rich, and major shopping sprees’s.  Love that show and love her, so yes I was her in my past life.

My biggest accomplishments are my littles.  Not to sound redundant, but when you have kiddos, I think everyone can agree that this is just the best thing and hardest, and you can’t imagine doing life without it!!

I’m scared to death of  snakes.  Just get away, never cross my path.  I will just want to die.

Hope you enjoyed all these new little facts about us, now tell us something about you!!  We love getting to know new people!!

Xx Leah

All pics by Megan Welker
 Make up Nancy Z Beauty

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