Cocovit – Caring for your Skin and Beauty Needs with Coconut Oil

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You know us, always on the hunt for the best products for our skin.  And if they are natural and organic, even better!  I came across Cocovit and was immediately intrigued when I saw that it was just that.  I love using coconut oil with my essential oils and cooking.  When I saw this line was based around it I knew I’d love it!

Lately my skin hasn’t been great… I don’t break out or anything like that, luckily!  However the waking up 3-4 times a night for basically 4 years straight can catch up to a girl.  My bags and wrinkles are at an all time low.  Somebody help!!!  

Did you know the most effective use of coconut oil is for beauty purposes?  Indeed for the face alone, the hydration it offers is key.  It helps restore the skin’s moisture and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  Ding ding ding, just what I need!!  Keep scrolling to read more about this amazing product and magical ingredient with a Q&A from founder Rikita Kapadia.

Photos by Riley Starr

When and how did Cocovit come about?

The tradition of using coconut oil originated in India over 5,000 years ago.  Coconut oil has been a staple in my family for over 7 generations. Growing up I always knew that the oil I was using was not 100% raw, nor was it as pure or potent as it could be. Unfortunately not all coconut oils are created equal.   Knowing this I began my search to develop a process which would allow the beneficial nutrients and enzymes to stay intact during the extraction process and in the final product. This is how Cocovít was born.

What makes Cocovit different than all of the other coconut products out there?

 At Cocovít we harvest fresh organic coconuts from a eco-reserve in South India, producing an exquisitely pure and exceptionally potent form of coconut oil. Using a heatless extraction process, we are able to maximize nutrient and enzyme potency by leaving the oil raw & untouched – as nature intended. Cocovít is USDA Organic + Fair Trade Certified.

 The Cocovit collection currently includes: a multi-purpose raw coconut oil, coconut charcoal face mask, coconut water hydro-mist (toner), orange + basil lip balm, mint lip polish, coconut + rose bath salts and besan + turmeric polishing grains (face exfoliant/face mask).

What are some of your favorite products for keeping our skin hydrated during this winter to spring transition?

 Staying hydrated in the winter is extremely crucial. The brutal winds and the indoor heat can really create havoc on your skin and hair. 

Some of go to products are:
Cocovit Coconut Oil to keep both skin and hair protected and hydrated. We recommend using our oil morning and night on your face and body.  We also suggest using our oil as a deep overnight hair conditioning treatment at least once a week during the cold months. 
Besan + Turmeric Polishing Grains are excellent during the cold months. This ayurvedic blend of exfoliating and soothing ingredients gently lifts  impurities, removes dead cells and stimulates cellular turnover for soft and glowing skin. Grains may also be used as a brightening and exfoliating face mask.
Cocovit Mint Lip Polish is a hydrating and cooling, cane sugar and mint polish to exfoliate and condition lips. Recommend use daily.

Why is coconut so great for our skin?

Cocovít Coconut Oil is an extremely powerful and effective facial and body moisturizer.  It is anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, anti-bacterial and hydrating, these properties combined make it truly beneficial for skin.  Coconut oil is primarily composed of saturated fats (medium-chain triglycerides to be exact), which help repair the skin’s barrier and trap water, thus keeping the skin hydrated, as well as reducing inflammation. The oil also helps even skin tone and assist in reducing the appearance of pores and pre-mature aging.

Thank you for making a product that I can use that is natural and effective!  I can’t live without these products now!!



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