Graphic Tees & How We Style Them for Spring

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One of my favorite things to wear, no matter the season, is a good t-shirt. I tend to gravitate towards graphic tees because I can wear them all the time, whether it’s casual or dressing them up.  Some of the graphics out there are just so good, I am always finding ones I have to add to my personal inventory.  They are also something I don’t mind buying because I know I will wear them like crazy.  I wanted to share how I styled a few new graphic tees for Spring.

Photos by Megan Welker

I love the idea of taking a graphic tee and making it fancy.  The inspiration for this outfit came from my favorite Prism Boutique, where I got both the top and the skirt!  This outfit can be worn from day to night, just throw on a little leather jacket when it gets chilly.  You’ll definitely be seeing me in this look this season!

Next up I did my usual t-shirt and jeans, but a little jazzed up.  This Rolling Stones tee by Daydreamer has become one of my favorites.  I added my trusty checkered Vans that I can’t live without and a new hat from Brixton.  I love throwing on a hat when I’m not feeling very cute, haha, just adds a little bit of style to any outfit!  This casual outfit would be perfect for running errands during the day or for a fun weekend family day.

There you have it, just a few ideas for you and your tees!  More style posts to come next week but you can shop this post below!




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