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Another month, another amazing home tour, and this one is of the Helmick Hacienda!  I fell in love with this family by following them on Instagram of course!  How else do you make friends these days?!  Haha!  But seriously, wait till you see this gorgeous home… The aesthetic is quintessential Southern California beach style and I can’t get enough.  They definitely make it look effortless and stylish!

And if you think their home is beautiful, wait till you see the family behind it!  Jason, Laura, River and Bodhi are as cute as can be, but I think the one who steals the show has got to be their dog Cowboy!  Laura has a few DIY’s on her site that you won’t want to miss as well.  I was a little jealous and in awe when I saw she DIY’d the very same cement tile we put in our kitchen in one of their bathrooms!!  You guys have to see it to believe it!

Without further ado, start scrolling and get your pin button ready!!!

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo

Tell us a little bit about you and your family and where you live…

Jason and I have been married for almost 5 years. We live in Dana Point, CA. We have two boys, River (2.5) and Bodhi (6 mo). We also have our pup Cowboy (5) ;). 

How would you describe your home’s aesthetic?

I describe the vibe in our home as Minimalist-Bohemian. We love unique and eclectic pieces, but also both have a strong aversion to clutter. I’m a huge believer in everything having it’s place. I don’t own a lot of extra; I typically donate things we don’t use/need.

Where do you find inspiration with your interior design?

The usuals: Pinterest, Instagram, home magazines (can’t get enough of them). I love seeing others ideas and creativity, it’s so inspiring. And more of an unusual one – movie sets! I will be completely lost during a movie, but it’s because I’m obsessing over every detail of the background; the home. How it’s setup, how they decorated, the patterns they mixed, all of it.
Being a mom of two give us advice on making your home functional and stylish… My best advice would be: be realistic with the stage of life you’re in. Fill your home with items that are durable, scrubbable, and won’t break your heart if they get damaged. Because the anxiety you’ll have around those items in the room will take away from the joy of just being able to sit back and let your kids play.

 Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

My favorite big box go-to’s are Target and CB2. For specific decor items I’ll check Etsy or home decor shops on Instagram to get something more unique.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

Definitely our kitchen. We designed it ourselves, and the remodel just completed in September. People seem to always congregate in kitchens wherever you go, so I love that we created a space we love and it’s where everyone ends up.

 Is there a piece in your home that just screams Laura?!

Ha. no, sorry. At least I don’t think so? I guess I’d say our front porch being funky tile. Because I think homes should be fun and not taken so seriously. Cookie cutter houses aren’t for me.

We know you are a master of DIY’s, what is one of your favorites you’ve done in your home….

The kiddo bathroom floor upstairs – I stencil painted the tile. There’s a tutorial on my website.

Where can we find the Helmick family on the weekend?

Once the weather warms up we’re typically at the beach. Until then you’re likely to see us on a wagon walk, heading to a nearby park.

I told you it was good!  What’s even better?!  Laura made it easy for you to shop everything in her home on her site here!

Hope you’re as inspired as I am!



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