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We’re back!!  After taking a little break last week it’s time to get down to business!  This week we’ll be sharing our latest getaway, and it all started with this beautiful home.  The Echo Ranch House is owned by our friends Rainy & Oscar who also own Circa Vintage Rentals.  We knew their vacation home would be amazing, as is their stylish rental company!  So we asked them to team up with us on our next adventure…

Joshua Tree is a beautiful place none of us had in fact ever visited!  For this reason it was the perfect opportunity for a getaway…  Of course you’ll have to wait for all of those details later this week.  But until then, you’ll just have to read about this hidden bungalow in the dessert.  As well as see all of the gorgeous photos by Corrie Lynn Photo.

Keep scrolling to hear more from owners Rainy & Oscar…

Why did you decided to buy a home in Joshua Tree?  Why this home?

 The Desert came natural to us, we have loved it for years. After frequent trips, we knew that we wanted a space of our own to retreat. 
A sanctuary, where we can be inspired by the land and be lost for a couple of days to reset, away from the city and demands of our time.
After viewing many properties and homes throughout the Hi-Desert, we were drawn to the little town of Flamingo Heights, a gateway community of Joshua Tree.  It is nestled perfectly between Joshua Tree and Pioneertown.
The moment we drove on the dirt road leading in to the Ranch, we felt it. We knew that the little bungalow on 6 acres, was where we would lay our hats down and kick off our boots (actually, my Clogs!). After a bit of elbow grease and gallons of paint, it was truly meant for us!
We love the decor and vibe of the house, how did you begin the decorating process?
Thank you for loving it, it was truly a natural process for us to design the decor. I knew right from the start that the design had to speak to all who entered and that it would give them a certain kind of feel. With the Desert landscape in mind, our objective was that it would feel natural, to ensure that it was functional, stylish and inspirational.

Our personal style is eclectic with a vintage modern twist. We made sure to stray away from the typical “Rustic Desert” design. Instead, we opted to stay true to who we are.  We wanted a more clean “Mod Vintage Cali Desert” vibe.  Our inspiration was our pristine 1979 vintage sofa. That was our starting point, the rest just fell into place!

What is your favorite room or feature in the house?

This is kind of a difficult question, there are so many favorite areas within the Ranch, that we love. For the sake of selecting one, our fav is the dining space both indoor and outdoor.   However, our indoor dining space holds a special token for us. The dining table was our Sweetheart Table used at our personal wedding, it is super special as it was hand built by my Husband.

The space itself is beautiful, the wraparound windows  just off the dining area overlooks the desert valley for miles on end. The view takes you instantly away for just a moment, with a single glance.  It is best enjoyed with family and friends, to break bread and share conversations, as any dining table is. Except, here you can spot a Coyote or Jackrabbit crossing the valley while you dine.

How does owning a fab rental company relate to the decor of your home?

The decor of our home at the Ranch certainly does mimic our signature esthetic of Circa Rentals.
We constantly love to change things up, it may be a rug one day or an equipale chair the following week, it’s a constant evolving space. 
Thanks to Circa Rentals, we have the advantage of pulling items from the inventory to achieve the changes at the Ranch. That’s the fun part for myself!
They are definitely an extension of each other, Echo Ranch House and Circa Rentals.

Where did you shop for most of the items in the house?

We have been resellers of Vintage Decor for just under 20 years, prior to evolving into Circa Rentals, we had a vintage shop in Echo Park, CA.
So, one thing we know how to do, is source!  We love to mix old with new, that was a given for the decor purchases. 
Our sources for vintage items were mostly from Estate Sales and the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Newer items such as the rad Rattan Daybed were sourced from Urban Outfitters (that is a favorite from our guests) other shops include Anthropologie, Cost Plus World Market, Target, IKEA and CB2.

It was also important to us to support local and small businesses within our design, items such as the amazing wall hanging in the den (it’s actually a scarf!) from our friends at Bloc Shop and others such as Joinery and local shops within Yucca Valley. 

What are your favorite things to do in Joshua Tree?  Where are your go to spots?

When we plan our trips out to the Desert, we genuinely love staying home at the Ranch. 
However, we do venture out to local eateries such as 29 Palms Inn for lunch and La Copine, it’s a must for an amazing dinner.
Catching live music at Pappy & Harriets is always worth a short drive through Pipes Canyon, especially at sunset (that is our fav.)!
Of course, no trip of ours would be complete without some shopping at Moon Wind Trading Co. and HooDoo for some new vinyl to spin on the record player.

Our little Desert community is growing with options, it’s both amazing and vibrantly weird, we love it that way.

Thank you guys for letting us into your beautiful home and for sharing!!!

Can’t wait to go back to the Echo Ranch House!!!




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