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We’re back and we are ready to take 2019 by storm!  Can you believe it’s a new year?!  Each year seems to go by faster and faster!  2018 was pretty amazing, but we are excited for all the goodness to come this year.  With any start to a year we like to make resolutions.  It’s so important to visualize and talk about what you want to accomplish, it puts that energy out into the world and pushes you to make them happen!  We’re talking about our resolutions today!!  And yes we know it’s January 7th, but really who was even able to start their resolutions last week?!  Not us!!!
Scroll to see what each of us aim to accomplish this year…

Resolutions are a funny thing.  I feel like so many of us make them and they last for all of a month are two then they’re forgotten.  My husband and I like to make goals instead.  We sit together at the start of the year and write out our goals for the entire year, sometimes even month by month.  My parents do the same thing.  We set a few that are more easily attainable and a few that are a bit more lofty and difficult.  It’s nice to have a mix of both, doing that is advice from my dad!  

I have a ton of goals this year, some are on a more personal level and of course some on a professional level.  Let’s start with the personal ones…

This year I want to be more present with my kids.  I try really really hard to do this, but I know I could do better.  My son Court will start kindergarten this Fall and I just really want to enjoy this time I have with him while he’s home more.  Because sadly, I know it will never be like this again.  I want to put my computer away and do more with both of them.

Another goal is to take better care of myself.  I feel like I throw myself so much into my work and my kids that I need to make that time for myself because I definitely didn’t in 2018.  I started to towards the end of the year and I think it’s a good start.  More exercise, more reading, more sleep.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Well as a working mom, it’s not!

Lastly, I want to travel more… Last year we put a lot of time, effort and money into our home. There is still more we want to accomplish, but I want to do more adventuring.  I hope to do one bigger trip this year with my family and maybe a few smaller ones too.

Professionally I want to find more balance.  I feel like I go full throttle so often that it takes over so many aspects of my life.  Being a creative can be difficult, I have so many ideas and my mind is constantly racing.  I am a pretty determined person as well so I want to see all of these ideas come to fruition.  Sometimes I have to be ok with them not working out or waiting to accomplish them.

Another goal, which actually goes along with my first, is learning to say no… Whether it’s to myself or to a project, I have to know when I can’t do something or I shouldn’t.  We have worked so hard to build Beijos to what it is, and I need to realize that it’s ok if I can’t do EVERYTHING.

Lastly, I want to build more relationships and cultivate the ones I have in this industry.  The best part of this business is meeting people and clients, I’m so lucky that I’ve made life long friendships through Beijos.  And with any relationship you need to show them love and attention, so that is what I really want to do this year. 

Leah2018 was a great year, I really can’t wait to take what I learned personally and professionally, put it into action and see how my actions contribute to having a great 2019!!  I love this habit my dad actually instilled in me of writing down my goals every January and really pushing myself to attain them in a reasonable time throughout the year.

#1.  Being the person I’d like to be more like, and showing my kids by example who this person is. This person thinks about being kind first, not judging, being more understanding, having more gratitude, and last but not least, more love toward all.
#2. Grow Beijos! Grow Beijos!! Grow Beijos!!
#3. Do better at being present for the kiddos.  I’m around them a lot, but am I really present? No.  I’m usually cleaning, on my computer, or trying to organize / manage the house in some way.  The goal here?  To not have my kiddos ask me to put my computer away or my phone down.
#4. Take care of me by getting in shape. In 2018 I cut out sugar for a good solid month and boy was is good for me.  I’d like to do this again and start working out!!
#5. Since I’ll be getting healthy, I will also be planning a trip to celebrate my 40th year around the sun!
#6. Listen to 12 books, I’d actually love to read 12 books, but I have no time.  I joined Audible on Amazon and now it’s so easy!! 

Abby2018 was the year of adjustments for my family. New city, new house, new school, new job, the list goes on. Now that we are happily settled (well, not all the way moved in, but close enough) we are looking forward to discovering, organizing, and trying new things! 

As a family, we made a promise to discover more by traveling and hopefully we catch that spontaneous bug, which will result in an amazing 2019!

For myself, I know everyone says this, but really start to get into shape, and focus on my inner health along side getting that 6 pack. (Ha Ha)Not a lot of people know, but I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. This past year, was quite challenging with the stress increasing the anxiety. So it’s all about the mind, body, and soul this year! 

Another personal resolution, is unplugging a bit more. We just spent 10 days in Tahoe, and it felt amazing to just set that phone aside and focus on our family having a great time. It did help the service was horrible!

Hope you are making goals and feeling inspired like us!!



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