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Starting your own business can be a very daunting and invigorating process.  When we first had the desire to start Beijos it was purely just for fun.  Each of us loved throwing parties and had a keen sense for style, so we thought why not?!  We never dreamed that it would become what it is today – a business that we work on every single day and profit from.  It’s pretty incredible to have something you enjoy doing so much become your career.  We’ve managed to make it work and learned a lot along the way, however having something like the book we’re talking about today would have been REALLY helpful.

I was recently introduced (via the Instagram) to Ilana Griffo.  Ilana is a talented graphic designer who recently wrote her first book titled Mind Your Business.  It’s a guidebook for those wanting to start or grow their creative business.  I related to this book on so many levels.  Like I said, I wish this book was around when we started Beijos because a lot of the things I felt or struggled with are things she discusses.  Ilana really knows how to break it down and guide you in the right direction.  She has amazing tips along the way, and I plan on using this book to help grow my business this next year!

Keep reading for our Q&A with Ilana, and purchase her book here!  Take this start of 2019 to follow your dreams and make them a reality with her guidance!
What made you want to write this book?

I grew up with parents who showed me that I be creative, and a business owner. They led my sister and I by example, and not only encouraged us, but were a source of knowledge along the way. When I decided to pursue my craft, the business side didn’t feel that foreign, it felt like another aspect, but one that I could learn about, even though it was never discussed in school. When I found myself in a ridiculously sticky situation, I looked online for support – to see if others had been in my shoes. No one was talking about the hard parts of working for yourself, but when I spoke with people directly, with complete transparency, they had all been in my shoes, and had never spoken about it online. I wanted to create a book that would serve as a side-kick for business owners who feel stuck and could use encouragement as they embark on the wild ride of entrepreneurship.

A key takeaway for me from the first chapter was the Recipe for Success page – I relate to this on so many levels…  Be an Expert, Show up Everyday, Get Comfortable with Self Doubt, and Scale Up.
Talk to us about the Recipe for Success and what it means to you…

I’m so glad you loved this!  Everyone’s full recipe looks so different, but I’ve found these tips to be so critical to every business owner I’ve met.  If you want to be the boss, you have to show up in so many way.  Physically show up to your business, and literally tell people about it, even when you’re feeling so confused and lost.  My business has shifted so many times over the years, but I use these as pillars for my business in every stage.
What are 3 key pieces of advice you’d give to someone who wants to start their own business?

1) Do it with passion, or not at all – If you’re going to lose sleep, events, and sanity over your business (and believe me, at times you will) then make sure it’s something you REALLY truly, madly, deeply love.
2) Prioritize & Make the time – decide what’s important enough to make time for.  Having a schedule, and productivity hacks are your new best friend.
3) Start!!  Take those baby steps!  Starting somewhere now is better than starting somewhere later!

What are 3 key pieces of advice you’d give to someone who has their own business already?

1) Don’t be afraid to shift and pivot as needed.
2) Have fun – when it starts losing fun, it’s time for a change.
3) Invest in your business, and yourself.  I can’t say enough about self-care, both for your business, and for your personal life.  Take classes, meet other entrepreneurs, take a break!Why is self care so important to a business owner?

It’s pretty easy to never stop working when you’re doing something you love, but that means it’s just as easy to let other things slip – like your diet, your routine, your relationships, and your physical and mental health.  The truth is, the more I take care of myself, the better my work is!  It can feel counterproductive to take a break to go for a walk when you’re on a deadline and feeling stuck, but it’ll work wonders for your headspace!

You have tons of fun and inspiring quotes boldly placed throughout the book, which one is your favorite?

Oh gosh, this is the hardest question!  I find myself repeating “do it with passion or not at all” the most often, but they each hold such a space in my heart.  Each one is someone who I emailed, someone who inspired me or impacted my career in some way (especially the one from my dad!), so it’s too difficult to pick one.  Different days call for different quotes!

What’s next for Ilana??

Who knows! I’d love to write another book, and work on more collaborations with brands that I love, but also I’d love to enjoy this moment I’m in, and do my best to soak it all up!!

Thank you for sharing Ilana!  Congrats on this moment and make sure you enjoy every minute, you deserve it!!
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