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I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m sort of a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur… If you ask me who has the best chocolate chip cookies in the Orange County area, I can name off a top five… In my top five is definitely Black Market Bakery.  Lucky me, when we moved to Costa Mesa a few years ago they are basically in my backyard!  We are walking distance to The Camp and Black Market Bakery happens to be there!!  The perfect excuse to walk and get a chocolate chip cookie!  At least I’m walking!!!

Since discovering Black Market Bakery I have also began using them for our clients and events!  They do it all over there!  So I decided I had to share this gem on the blog and find out more about what makes this quirky bakery so amazing from owner Rachel Klemek.  Keep reading for an interview with her and the amazing photos by Corrie Lynn Photo!  I love when we share our favorite local spots, and this one is definitely up there!!!
How and when did Black Market Bakery begin?

In the mid 2000’s, we started by building a commercial kitchen near John Wayne Airport, selling to some caterers and at multiple farmers markets every week.  Our first retail location opened at the Camp in Costa Mesa 6 years ago.  Since then we added a bakery in Santa Ana and one in North Park, San Diego.

What sets you apart from other bakeries?

Our locations feature open kitchens, so customers see what our staff makes, what ingredients we use, and how things are made.  Everything is made by us, from scratch.  Our products require skilled labor and talent, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our formula is technique plus quality ingredients plus a bit of sass!

What are some of your favorite treats you offer in the shop?

I love everything, but I love our tarts a bit extra!  They are each their own simple, elegant and tasty statement.  And the croissants!  And the pretzels… and the cookies! (sorry,,,)Tell us about what you offer for special events…

Our bakers can whip up mini breakfast pastries for any early event.  If you need desserts, we’ve got a whole lineup of mini desserts and mini tarts for an easy way to dazzle your guests… plus, we’ve got a great assortment of cakes!

What can we look forward to seeing next for Black Market Bakery?

Our pastry chefs are working on more complex decorated shortbread and some new spring tarts and cakes!  It’s always fun to incorporate seasonal flavors into our pastries and baked goods.

And the question everyone wants to know – how do you not eat all the things?!?!

I do!! Then I spend time on the treadmill… I’ve been known to skip a meal and eat dessert, but I will not confirm or deny this!Thanks for sharing Rachel!  Isn’t she the cutest?!  Make sure you stop into Black Market Bakery the next time your craving a delicious treat, and when aren’t you really?!



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