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Novella Royale has been a favorite brand of mine for a while now.  They always have the best silhouettes and their prints are unique and eye catching.  I’ve shopped the brand in a few of my favorite boutiques and online, but was beyond excited to find out they opened a store front in Orange County.  I have been trying to make my way down to their shop in San Clemente, one of my favorite beach towns, but alas popping out a baby and having a toddle really set a girl back.  But FINALLY, I made it down with my gal pal Megan Welker to shop, snap some pics and take in all the cuteness.

All photos by Megan Welker

Keep reading for an interview we did with founder and designer Mary Meyers

 Tell us about Novella Royale and how it all began… 

I started Novella Royale out of my garage, when my daughter Novella was a year old. I wanted to create a space to house creativity and a fun working lifestyle. because if you have to work why not make it as enjoyable as possible!

Why did you decide to open a shop in San Clemente?

 Honestly because i live here and have been working to create a lifestyle where i don’t need to get on the freeway everyday… and my dream building is here in town (which we currently occupy)

What are your favorite parts of being located in this gorgeous beach town?

Being part of a younger generation in San Clemente is really exciting.  It’s tough as there are only a few of us paving the way, but I’ve always wanted to be part of change.

Why was it important of the brand to have a store front?

 I really wanted a place that tells the Novella Royale story, more than our online store!  A place you can come in and try on any style, any color way and any size we make!  When designing the space I wanted it to feel like you were walking into my closet, and could just play dress up and maybe try things you’ve never tried before!  I love when someone comes in, tries on something they didn’t think they could pull off and ends up wearing it out of the store.  That’s one of the best compliments I get from our customers.

What are some of your favorite pieces from the Fall collection?

 Oh, thats like picking a favorite child, and there are different reasons I love all of my Novella Royale children! If there isn’t something I don’t love, it doesn’t make it into the collection!  But if you twist my arm I’d have to say the Harley dress :) and the Jane robe! ohhh and the River tee… they are extra special this season!

We are always so in love with your prints, how do you guys always find the best ones?!

 Awe, thanks! I search through vintage prints and hand pick ideas.  Some come just from an idea in my head and some are inspired by already existing vintage prints!  We usually start with 6-8 prints and narrow them down to 4 for the season based on how they sit together!

Here’s Novella Royale’s cute shop manager Neg, love her!!

And here’s that cute baby Cruz making an appearance, you know the one who kept me from visiting this amazing shop!

Tell us about any fun and exciting things coming up at the shop!

 For the holidays we will be doing a couple events; small business sale, anti black friday sale and we will be bringing in some specialty pieces just for the holiday season!  Planning on making it a one stop shop for your holiday party outfit as well as hostess and holiday gifts for the women in your life!

What’s next for Novella Royale?!

Business has changed so much over the past couple years.  It’s all about direct to consumer and we plan to make sure our customers know its all about them… without them there would be no Novella Royale

Thank you Mary for sharing, and for letting us in your gorgeous store!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I do a style post on some of my favorite pieces in the shop!!



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