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We fell in love with Cameron Marks on our Santa Cruz Girls Day Out last year. Since then, you will defintely spot one of us Beijos ladies there anytime we are in Santa Cruz.

Owner Vanessa Ambrose opened two stores across the way from each other in a converted Brussels sprout
packing factory. Her love of mixing modern,
contemporary and international styles truly show up in the designs of these stores, and the beautiful gems you will find in them.

The women’s boutique offers the trendiest fashion along with accessories + fragrances.When we walked in for the 1st time, we immediately fell in love with the style + design….well pretty much everything about the store.  I mean who wouldn’t! We will take one of everything to go please!

Photos by the coolest chick around, Carlie Statsky

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Cameron Marks is one of those few gem stores that you will want to stay  all day everyday in not only for the ambiance but also the people that work in the store. They are so friendly and down to earth you feel like you made a new friend after you leave.

Across the courtyard is the original Cameron Marks store that opened up in 2005. It offers everything from housewares, apothecary, men’s accessories, paper goods, and gifts. Now if that wasn’t good enough, Vanessa opened up an addition to the store in 2014 which has indie-designer jewelry, handmade ceramics, and the coolest eyewear around.

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We aren’t sure which store we stayed the longest in! Both stores offer something for everyone. When we walked in to the original post store, we had the privilege of meeting Vanessa. So full of energy, good vibes, and friendliest lady around. Cameron Marks is truly one of those cool stores that don’t come along very often, but when they do it becomes a part of your routine when stopping into Santa Cruz.

Whenever you are in Santa Cruz run over to both Cameron Marks stores and check it out! We promise you will not want to leave! We warned you… :)

Happy Tuesday Friends!


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