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We are so thrilled to share our latest home tour of the sweet as can be Myka Haddad of Modern Sequins!  Myka is such a genuine and kind soul, I was lucky enough to meet her when I was looking for an event planner for my own wedding and she was a part of Sitting in a Tree.  She made me feel so at ease with the process, I knew she would be the perfect fit for me!  Since then she has been working on her fabulous blog Modern Sequins and also creating gorgeous floral and plant arrangements with Brown Paper Design & The Plant Library.  We are such big fans of her own personal style that we had to take a peak inside her San Francisco home with husband Georges.  This couple is so darn cute, take a look at them and you can see why we fell in love with them!

All photos by the talented Jenna Rae

IMG_0243 IMG_0263Tell us a little bit about you…

 I run Modern Sequins, a lifestyle brand.  It started as a blog, but let’s face it, I don’t blog all that often anymore. :)  I style photo shoots, help friends plan parties, and I also work part time for an amazing florist, brown paper design.  My husband Georges and I live in San Francisco and love our little home.
What inspired you when decorating your home?

Since our home is small, I really believe in keeping everything bright and light colored.  White is such a soothing color to me, so I try to keep that aesthetic in our home.  I also love showing off small personal items in our home.  Fresh lavender from my mom’s garden, a painting by my mother-in-law, a small white figurine from a trip to Spain.  I like to display items that tell a story about our lives.

IMG_0023 IMG_0004
What is your favorite room in your home and why? 

Definitely the living room.  We spend 99% of our time in there, drinking coffee, eating dinner, reading, watching movies.  I just feel really peaceful and relaxed in the space which is super important to me.
Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

I used to be in the interior design world, so I totally lucked out on getting discounts on a lot of designer stuff that we have in our home.  But now, I’m definitely on a budget.  I mostly shop at West Elm, Target, and consignment stores.

IMG_0160 IMG_0137

What in your home screams “Myka”?
The white Nelson ball clock.  I bought it when I used to work for a Swiss furniture manufacturer, and I just love it so much.  Also, if you know me, you know that I’m a complete crazy person about being punctual.  I always have to be early.

Is decorating your home a collaborative effort with your husband?
 Although it probably doesn’t look like it, yes, it’s definitely a collaborative effort.  I’m just lucky that Georges likes a lot of the same stuff that I do.
How is your personal style reflected in your home? 

Well I love modern design which is definitely shown in our choice of furniture.  I also like to add in fun elements, like those fringed baskets (a recent bargain purchase from Target).  I’m a bargain shopper at heart.

We are big fans of your stylish ways, what are your style must haves? 

You girls are the sweetest.  My style must haves are a good pair of flats.  I live in San Francisco, so I always have a pair of flats with me for riding the bus and walking the hills.  And one shiny dress that you feel amazing in.  That one dress that you can wear again and again!
IMG_0111 IMG_0146
What are your favorite ways to get creative? 

I love sewing.  My mom and I recently started sewing some makeup bags and baby rompers and it’s been so much fun.  It’s definitely a creative outlet for me.
IMG_0099 IMG_0338
What’s next for Myka and Modern Sequins? 

I recently started a “shop” on modern sequins, where I’ve sold some of the items my mom and I have created.  I want to continue to add some of our pieces and other artists’s goods down the line.
And personally, my husband and I are hoping to adopt.  Becoming a mom is number one on my list.
IMG_0311 IMG_0090 IMG_0389
Thank you Myka… Love You Love Your Show.

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