Looking Back – A Year in Review – 2023

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Another year to be proud of and look back on for us Beijos ladies! 2023 went by in a flash and it’s hard to believe we are in 2024 now! 2024 marks our 10th year doing events, which is crazy to think about! It was in March 2014 that we did our first ever event, a wedding for a dear friend of mine who trusted us with her big day! Within these 10 years we have learned so much, made so many great friends and have had tons of incredible clients. It’s truly amazing to me that we have accomplished so much and to see all of our hard work pay off is such a gift!

2023 started off quiet and ended with a bang – December was our busiest month EVER! Leah and I are so grateful for everything and everyone who supports our dream of this little business. Now, lets take a look at some of our favorite projects and moments of the year!


I love doing this post each year because it really makes me take a look back at all of our hard work, creativity and makes me realize all that we accomplished. 2023 flew by and ended before I knew it! Life is crazy with the constant juggle of work and family life and I’m so grateful for all of my friends I work with – Leah and our amazing vendors – who keep Beijos going. I couldn’t do it without them! As we head into our 10th year of business I couldn’t be prouder of our company and am so thankful for our clients and followers who continue to support us. Here’s a look back at my favorites that we shared over this past year, but lets be honest – they are ALL my favorites!!

Noa’s Park

This party had us travel to Scottsdale to visit one of our favorite little ladies – Noa! This theme was fun, a dinosaur theme that is usually for the boys but we made it pretty and pink for our girl Noa! There were so many fun little details, the kids had fun doing tons of amazing activities and we loved making magic yet again for one of our favorite clients!

Camp Parker

This was by far one of my favorite parties last year! The Parker girls know how to throw a good one – well, their mama Christina does! Each year she throws her three girls a big bash and each year gets better and better. This year they chose a camping theme and we had fun bringing it to life. All of the details were top notch and I honestly don’t know how we are going to top this one! We’ll see this year…

Spring in the Wildflowers with Sur La Table

This one was pure magic and absolutely stunning. I took a lot of my photo shoots outside this year and this one was by far the prettiest. The timing of it all with the spring flowers being overgrown and natural plus all of the gorgeous flower arrangements from Not Just in Novels added in really made this one breathtaking. I always love making magic for Sur La Table but this one has been my favorite yet!

Cruz’s Rad 6th Birthday Party

Of course I have to include my kid’s birthday parties!!! This is actually Cruz’s birthday party from 2022, but we didn’t share it here till 2023. He turned 6 and his birthday is in the summer, so we through the perfect summer bash! Lots of fun colors, some rad elements like lightning bolts, checker board, and smiley faces, and of course a water slide! He’s my happy guy and he deserved a fun one and boy did he get it!!

Estelle Colored Glassware in the Flower Fields

This past year I was lucky enough to work with the talented ladies of Estelle Colored Glassware. They are based in Charleston, South Carolina and were doing a shoot in Carlsbad in the infamous Flower Fields. When looking for a local planner/designer they came across Beijos and reached out for me to help them bring their vision to life. I had the best time styling their stunning glassware in this magical spot and loved seeing it all captured with these beautiful photos.

Cami’s Moon & Stars Sleep Under

It’s always fun to do a party for a friend! My dear friend Nicole reached out for her daughter Cami’s 7th birthday party last year and I was thrilled to help them make it special. We did a sweet moon & stars sleep under at their house and I absolutely adore the color scheme. Cami is the sweetest and I was happy to make her birthday dreams come true!

Court’s Teppanyaki 9th Birthday Party

Again, I always have to include my son’s birthdays!! Court turned 9 in 2023 and we celebrated in a big way! We had the amazing Mac Noodlez come over and had the best Teppanyaki bash there ever was! Honestly, this is one of my favorites because I actually got to enjoy it! I loved all of the incredible details and the delicious food. The boys also got spoiled by Mr. Hoodbrush with incredible swag and the only question I have is – how will I ever top this one for his 10th birthday?! Help!!

Christina’s 90’s Prom 40th Birthday Party

This one was FUN!!! Christina is the mastermind mama from Camp Parker and she also had us throw her 40th! She went with a 90’s Prom theme and even showed up in a 90’s stretch limo. I had SO much fun coming up with fun sayings and quotes from all my favorite 90’s jams for the details. I even sent the DJ a detailed playlist, haha! Bringing me back to the 90’s in party form – thank you Christina!!

Disco Cowgirl

I’d been wanting to tackle this theme for a while now and when my friend Vanessa at Wild & Rae told me she was coming out with an adorable line of kid’s cowboy boots I knew it was meant to be! We made disco cowgirl magic this day! I loved the backdrop from Goldie Crew Creative and all the girls all styled up! It was the cutest!!

Surf or Die

If this doesn’t scream Southern California Halloween, I don’t know what does! We took Halloween to the beach this year with the coolest boy surf and skate themed spooky party! How killer is that backdrop by Goldie Crew Creative and I loved the graphics by Chelcea Creative too! My little Cruzy brought his besties for the fun and they had a blast playing in the sand and riding skate boards. We don’t often do boy parties at Beijos so whenever I do I like to make them amazing, and this one was nothing short of that!!

Maggie & Stevie Wedding

I added an 11th favorite this year because I couldn’t NOT include this gorgeous wedding!! Maggie & Stevie were dream clients and got married at my favorite wedding venue – because it was MY wedding venue!! Haha! Holman Ranch is a special and beautiful place that I hold dear to my heart, just like this amazing couple! They were the best and I feel so grateful that they trusted us with their big day! They just had their first baby and I couldn’t be happier for them!


WOW, to say this year was a whirlwind is an understatement.  It went by very quickly, and I believe every year goes by faster and faster when you are keeping up with a thriving business and growing family.  Looking back on the year and analyzing the events we helped with, the clients we reconnect with and the new ones we meet makes me very grateful for where I am and what I do. I’m in a place where yes, it’s very busy, but very fun and I couldn’t ask for a better situation than what we have with Beijos right now.  Here’s to more crazy, busy, fun in 2024!!  But more importantly more growth, and a huge thank you to all of our clients and followers.  Here are some of my favorites as we close out an epic year…. 

Natalie’s Bridal Shower at Elephante

The colors and textures are already beautiful at Elephante, and I’m drawn to the rustic vibes it gives off.  Having a beautiful shower here with the elevated table setting and florals, and not to mention beautiful desserts!!  You can definitely tell Beijos was involved, one of my favorites this year for sure!  I especially love the details with the combination of the place card and menu and the ceramic cups for the win!

Nikki’s Tropical Bridal Shower

I love a good neutral tropical shower and when our clients let us run wild with all the fun details. The concentration of the palm leaves, white and rattan mix is amazing.  Just a timeless beauty that can always be appreciated. 

Floral Filled Easter Party

I love this setting so much this time of year when it’s all overgrown green.  All that’s missing is pops of pretty muted colors, some pretty little faces and you have yourself a stunning girly Beijos shoot.  The flowers and pretty tabletop details in this one just kill me!! 

Unicorn Party

Well some people may think Unicorns are played out, but Beijos can reinvent anything and this is the perfect example!! The colors may be the same, but the details like the place card and tabletop are to die for.  And those beautiful little dresses, wow!!

Fiesta Forever!

If you know me, you know I love a good Cinco De Mayo Shoot.  The fun vibrant colors of Mexico, mixed with disco balls and vibrant pink, you have to be kidding me?!?!?  I love the details of the invite especially, the fun font and the fringe!! Throw in the margaritas and you won’t find me anywhere else but right there!!

Dempsey’s Sunshine Beach Birthday

I loved this floral, beachy, hippie theme.  I mean who doesn’t like all of those things put together???  I love the vintage vibes, and color choices here the most.  That dessert display is killer too!

Mother’s Day Celebration

When I look at these pictures I just gasp really.  The table is so beautiful.  I love the tablecloth detail, the florals of course, and the rattan mixes.  It’s a complete “backyard lunch for moms, it’s not a big deal vibe” lol. It’s a stunner, but you just whipped it up really quick right?? 

Olivia & Marco Wedding

 I LOVE the moody vibes of this wedding.  Oliva had an amazing vision and I’m so glad she had us help her bring it to life.  The venue was very cool and different, and choosing black for one of the main colors is bold and beautiful!! 

Oh My Gourd!

I love the colors used for this shoot.  It’s a beautiful setting with some mod vibes going on with the color and furniture choices.  I love the charger details, the ratan and bringing in the traditional gingham vibes as well. Very fun and gorgeous!!

Wrap it in a Bow

I love the pastel, girly vibes of this shoot, but it’s also Christmas. The delicate details on those cakes are everything!!  I want a party just like this, I’m lucky I get to live vicariously through Beijos.  

And there you have it! Another great year filled with lots of pretty and lots of fun! Let’s see what 2024 has in store for us!! Whatever it is, we are ready and excited to party with you! Cheers!


Jacquelyn & Leah

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